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06-29-2013, 05:01 PM
I'm no professional critic but Id like to share my thoughts on this game. I had high hopes for it since I'm an avid fan of the series...

On a high note the combat is in depth, fun and still full of potential to grow. Real skill plays a massive role in winning and not just equipment and boosts. I applaud the developers in being true to their word that real money transactions will not be the deciding factor in this game (ie. pay to win). An the concept of losing your gladiators in fights (executions) brings a sense of consequence, creating emotions that you just don't get in other fighter games. It has a lot of potential.

One key bad note is losing gladiators to disconnects is a horrible concept that never should have made it past the developer's table. It might seem like a good deterrent against rage quits but in the end it punishes players for losing power, faulty connections, and xbox freezes. The fact that many of the gladiators lost are ones purchased with real money make this problem more than an extreme annoyance. (A multiplayer game that had a good idea was Xcom Enemy Unknown that counted your personal disconnects in your stats and effected your score.)

The game is too short with very little content. Bosses might seem powerful but in reality they are very weak and it takes very little skill to beat them for all but the very casual gamer. Weapon selection is dismal. Two or three variations per fight style with a ton of versions of those same variations. Armor is a little better with a few more choices but still really limited. One city with a few sections isn't going to cut it. It might have in the pc free to play world for those that play an hour a day while they are supposed to be working, but not in the console world where players want to sit down for a couple hours and make significant strides in their gameplay. This can could be changed in future updates but that is up to the developers and the overall success of the game.

The money transactions in this game are way overpriced. Free to play micro transactions have developed in the pc world slowly and has been refined to a select clientele. Jumping in to the console with the same, if not more expensive, prices of pc FTP games is a huge mistake. Gamers on the Xbox and PS are going to be pushed away from purchasing in game currency because of the hefty price tag and that most purchases are temporary. Gladiators can become to expensive to replace, boost go away after only five fights etc. Console gamers do not like temporary. If they unlock something it better be there anytime they want. Sure you might have to repurchase it with silver but I don't mind grinding out another hour or so to get what I unlocked with gold.

A personal annoyance of mine is executions being tied in with boosts. Executions should be unlocked through achievements or a one time purchase and be permanent. Like titles and badges in other games, it is what Identifies your gladiator... his calling card. If you spank an opponent online and execute him then you should be able to make the sting of defeat all the worse with a unique execution.

Which brings me to my last point and the main reason why I think this game will fail in the long run without a massive overhaul from the developers... Online is horrible.

Lag, no tournaments, losing gladiators to rage quitters, lack of variations, minimal rewards, lack of personal customization, no matchmaking, unable to play with friends, etc. etc etc...

Take the most successful (financially) free to play game I know of which is "Marvel Avengers Alliance, " and compare to this game, its horrible. MAA might be a soul and wallet stealing succubus but it is one thing, successful. PVP tournaments, unique rewards, story driven single player, massive amounts of content, varying difficulty settings with varying rewards. the list goes on and on that MAA has that Spartacus is missing. It blows my mind that they create such a minimal single player campaign and put literally NO effort into the multiplayer aspect. Whats to keep people coming back? People still play online games years after release, such as the COD series but they are not player the campaign every day... they are playing mutiplayer.

In the end this game has massive potential to be a fun and exciting game to a niche gamer so i doubt they will get the massive success of some other titles. But without a serious rethinking of their strategy it will be nothing but a failed attempt to bring Free to Play micro transaction games to consoles and a cautionary tale to developers thinking of going the same route.

I'm hoping that they read this and other posts and seriously consider the direction of the game, so if you have any advice for them please tell them so their game might have a chance. I do not want to see such a potentially good combat system go down the drain because of a few bad calls.

06-29-2013, 05:31 PM
Personally the only issue is the online lag - fix that ill be happy . nothing better than chopping a real persons head off or putting a spear in there head

06-29-2013, 05:47 PM
The game has a ton of potential. Despite it all, I really like it. They just need to capitalize on player feedback and work on it.

06-29-2013, 07:36 PM
I doubt there is much else anyone could say. You have laid out the broad strokes of why this game will go away. The interest is there now. Who is to say what it will be like 6 months down the road? Personally, I have spent a few days getting my level up to 17 and have only acquired 50g in the process. Coin that I will no part with because -- as stated -- the boosts and purchases are temporary. There is absolutely no benefit to spending real money on this game.

Me -- Mr. very casual gamer -- has reached his plateau already. Without better gear, I lack the skill to advance and the better gear costs Gold -- not silver. So, I'm done. From my standpoint, the game is very unbalanced. If I take a slave rated 50 into the arena, that slave faces a gladiator rated 100 and above using the best perks and gear. Grinding for silver coins to acquire a blue level slave doesn't cut it anymore. I would have to part with my few Gold Coins to survive.-- not happening.

06-29-2013, 07:53 PM
Personally the only issue is the online lag - fix that ill be happy . nothing better than chopping a real persons head off or putting a spear in there head

Totally agree here.