View Full Version : spending seals (void/rising/arianna/the box)

06-29-2013, 02:39 PM
i think about buy one of this pack for seals i have 1600 seals (i already spend 1k seals for the box )

i play necro and i wonna in near future start playing nergal or arianna deck (nergal hero is hard to draw 6 box of heroes and i get 6 heroes from stronghold (5the some this f.. shaar;[)

anyway this is my all cards : + events week of knowledge x8 , mana storm x2 , celebration x10,week of dead x2, tax week x1

and if i buy arianna pack i have this card from nature and primal

and now what will be best to buy to get better card
ofc arianna pack i can buy late when i will be have some better card for build

@@@edit: one more thing can some one create for me some desk for siera with my all cards?

@@@edit2: ah i forgot to add: some of new card
this is whats new i have 1x more souleater , 1x archlich , 1xblizzard ,
and i use for new seria 4:4:2 , or 5:4:2 (with only atropos)

i want add this little earlier
for now i use this one

i buy box for 1k sealis and get
http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/6469/ + time jump 1x

06-29-2013, 04:45 PM
I would not buy Arianna's deck with seals--buy it with gold instead. 125k seems like a lot of gold, but you get gold MUCH quicker then Seals, (unless you throw down cash, in which case do what you want xD,) so it's a better buy with gold. With your seals I'd buy another box of the base set (just the normal "The Box", not the "Heroic Box"). You're missing quite a few important cards from there for necro--having 4x Archliches is pretty crucial for a good necro deck, and without any Paos or Banshees your epic spell "Seria's Legion" isn't that great. Give me a few to read over your cards and I'll edit the post after I've come up with a deck from what you have.

06-29-2013, 07:08 PM
http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/6455/ is what I came up with for you, now that you have an extra Archlich feel free to dump one of the creatures or a Mass Grave for it. Just a suggestion, I'm not a 'pro' by any means xD (hover around 1200 elo, and only level 25)