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06-28-2013, 06:38 AM
As prommissed, here's the English version of the AC V story
If you have any good ideas for the story or you think soemthing is missing, you can leave a comment or Mail me at:
Please know that this version is incomplete due to me being buisy with school. If you're interested in the dutch version click the link
Here's the story so far in English

Ezio is a womanizer. And womanizers often have relationships, with relationships comes sex. And from sex sometimes comes a child, even if it was not planned.
This story is about Fabio Auditore da Venezia the illegitimate son of Ezio, who follows in the footsteps of his father. He collects the Pieces of Eden and regains what his father has lost.
This is Assassin's Creed V: The Pieces of Eden

Fabio Amelio is born in August 1489 in Venice. His mother, Giulia Amelio has decided to give Fabio her last name in order to prevent anyone to know from her secret relationship with Ezio. When Fabio is 7 years old, he and his mother move to Zadar in Croatia. Fabio has a nice and peacefull youth, but when he reaches puberty he wants to go back to venice more and more. It is 1506, Fabio is 17 years old and asks his mother the well known question:

Fabio: “Mama, when will we be going back to Venezia?”
Giulia: “We won’t”
Fabio: “That’s what you always say!”
Giulia: “Fabio, we lack the money. 15000f is way to much”
Fabio: “Than why won’t you let me work? I am 17, I can handle it!”
Giulia: “You have your job at the café”
Fabio: “But being a bartender is not really exiting is it?”
Giulia: “Do you think I…”
Fabio: “I’ll go back once, with or without you!”
Fabio walks out of the living room, out of his house : “ARH CAZZO”

Fabio visits Jegor Hačko, a friend of Fabio. He asks him to have a drink in the café

*knock knock*
Jegor: “Ah Fabio, what a surprise, how’re you doing?”
“I’ve known better days. Do you want to come over to the café?”

When they arrive at the café, they both take a beer

Jegor: “So, what happened?”
Fabio: “Huh, what are you talking about?”
Jegor: “Don’t try to hide it; something has happened I can see it from the look on your face”
Fabio: *SIGH* “Alright, Me and mother have been arguing again”
Jegor: “What about?”
Fabio: “Moving back to Venice”
Jegor: “Aha, your hart still wants to go back eh?”
Fabio: “Indeed, 15000f is a lot of money”
Jegor: “15000?!, (Trying verry hard not to spit) is that what it costs to move to Venice? I mean it’s not impossible if you work hard for a couple of months but 15000f is indeed a lot of money”
Fabio: “That’s the point, mother won’t let me find a proper job. It’s impossible to get that kind of money with my current job”
Jegor: “Than what are you going to do?”
Fabio: “Not listen to her and find a job anyway”
Jegor: *Finishes his beer* “I’ve got to go home, we’ll talk more tomorrow”
Fabio: “Yeah, me to. See you tomorrow than”

Fabio walks home, on his way home he comes across the house of his girlfriend Scilla Viano. Ah, why is he still standing here?

Fabio: “Scilla?, Scilla?”
Scilla: “Who is there?”
Fabio: “It’s me Fabio”
Scilla: “Fabio, I knew you’d show up.”
Fabio: “Can I come in, or maybe stay tonight?”
Scilla: “My parents are visiting some friends in Italy so that’s fine”
Fabio: “When will they be back?”
Scilla: “Tomorrow morning, so when you wake up you’ll have to leave, sorry”
Fabio: “But until then I’m staying here with you”

Together they fall on her bed and after some exciting hours they fall asleep. When he wakes up, Fabio notices that Scilla is already awake for a while. When he's put his clothes on he hears something downstairs. "My parents" Scilla whishpers. Fabio gives her a quick kiss and climbs through the window pane on the roof and walks away.

When he's home, Fabio expects an angry mother. But Giulia isn't angry at all.
Giulia: “So, you weren’t home last night either were you?”
Fabio: “No, were you?”
Giulia: “No, I knew you weren’t gonna come home so I went to see David”
Fabio: “David, the Blacksmith?”
Giulia: “Yeah, it was very nice, now I’ve got some work to do and before you ask, no I’m not angry nor concerned. I know you’ll be fine, you can go”

"I forgot to check my mail yesterday" he thinks as he walks towards the dovecote, and there's something else he has to do but he can't remember what it is. Fabios white dove is sitting in the dovecote with a letter on his paw. "Meet me at the port tonight, Ezio" That was it! Jegor. He is suposed to meet him right now. He climbs on to the roof en runs towards Jegors house. Jegor is waiting for him

Jegor: “Hmm, you are a bit late”
Fabio: “I know, sorry, I had some things to arrange”
Jegor: “Like sleeping with Scilla Viano you mean?”
Fabio: “How can you possibly …”
Jegor: “I saw you climbing into her room on my way home. You’re a lucky man Fabio”
Fabio: “Yes I am”

They're walking towards the port while they talk

Jegor: “Hey, about the job finding thing. I think you should work for David”
Fabio: “No way”
Jegor: “Why not? It’s a well paid job”
Fabio: “Because I don’t want to work for my mother’s secret lover”
Jegor: “Maybe you can do multiple things for your money? Like being a shipmate and a courier.”
Fabio: “Hmm, that sounds not bad”
Jegor: “The captain is looking for strong young men I’ve heard.”

They have arrived at the port, Fabio gets an idea.

Fabio: “Captain!”
Captain: “What is it?”
Fabio: “I hear you’re looking for strong young men?”
Captain: “That’s right, why?”
Fabio: “What do you need them for?”
Captain: “Helping me carry the goods on and of the ship and as shipmate, interested?”
Fabio: “Yes I am and my friend Jegor is as well”
Captain: “Excellent!”
Fabio: “To which locations do you usually sail?”
Captain: “Well, we start here in Zadar and sail to Ancona, then back to Zadar to drop some goods and do a resupply, and after that we sail to Venezia and back to Zadar again.”
Fabio: “Really!? That’s great! What about the payment?”
Captain: “Ehm, about 1000 to 1300ƒper trip”
Fabio: "I think you've found your strong young men!"
Captain: “Great! We’ll be leaving in 2 days, so if you two would like to be here tomorrow just after sunrise then we’ll start packing things up!”
Fabio: “We’ll be there, till tomorrow!”

Fabio and Jegor go to the café to celebrate it, but Fabio leaves early to visit his father.

Fabio arrives at the port. He can't see his father anywhere when...
Ezio: Boo!
Fabio: “Father!”

Ezio: “Fabio!”

Fabio: “What are you wearing, what’s with al the weapons, the sudden letter I wa…”

Ezio: “Easy, calm down, that’s why I’m here, to tell you something.”

Fabio: “Last time we spoke you were also wearing these clothes and weapons”

Ezio: “Listen, I am here to explain you some things: I think you already figured out that I don’t have a common job. Don’t be mad or scared of what I’m going to tell you now, I’m an assassin Fabio, and so are you, you’ve probably heard of “The assassino” well, that’s me”

Fabio: “So you are the one that kills those Templars? But…”

Ezio: “I’ll talk to your mother about moving to Venezia, get that money from sailing”

Fabio: “How do you know?”

Ezio: “I’ve been here all afternoon, I see and hear everything.”

Fabio: “But mother never wants to see you again”

Ezio: “I’m not so sure about that. Listen, train and improve your free-run skills and prepare yourself for a complete different life, because when you and your mother finally live in Venezia you’ll no longer be “Fabio Amelio”

Fabio: “What, than who will I be?”

Ezio: “You will be: Fabio Auditore da Venezia, son of Ezio Auditore da Firenze”

Fabio: “But father, I…”

Ezio: “Listen, Go home and go to sleep. Your mother is having a drink in the café, I’ll talk to her. I’ll see you in Venice alright?”

Fabio: “Alright”

Ezio:“Good night Fabio and stay out of trouble”

Fabio: “Good night father”

The next morning it's still dark when Fabio walks towards the port. The Captain tells him and Jegor to completely inspect the ship. Fabio walks to the storage room, he takes a good look at the locks of the safes, it seems the locks have to be repaired

Fabio: “Captain, I think we have a big problem”
Capt.: “What’s the problem? Ah, I see, those locks have to be repaired”
Jegor: “I can fix it, but I need some steel, an anvil and a hammer”
Capt.: “There’s an anvil and a hammer in the blacksmith storage, but no steel”
Fabio: “I’ll get it for you, I know just the right place to get some steel”

Fabio is walking verry fast to Davids blacksmith shop, he knows that Yuri is around so he's walking, alomost running. But it didn't work there he is: Yuri Altorff, Fabios German arch enemy and one of the most dangerous people of Zadar
Yuri: “Amelio, what a surprise to see you here”
Fabio: “Back of Yuri, I’ve got some things on my mind”
Yuri: “Things like what?” (Yuris friends show up)
Fabio: “Working for my money instead of stealing it like you do!”
Yuri: “What do you need money for, that ***** “Viano”?”
Fabio: “SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME!” Fabio runs to Yuri but Yuris friends stop him and take his arms
Fabio: “Let go of me!”

He uses his elbow to break loose and hits as hard and as much as possible. When his rage lowers, Fabio sees Yuris friends lying on the ground, Yuri himself is gone. Fabio robs the boys and runs to the blacksmith. David isn't there, but there is a box with a lot of steel. He takes the box and pays with the robbed money. He carrys the steel to the port

Jegor: “Fabio, at last. What happened to you?”
Fabio: “Yuri Altorff had to stand in my way.”
Jegor: “Ai, not Yuri again, with all his friends?”
Fabio: “Yep, but let’s fix the lock, I’ll prepare the goods for transportation”
Jegor: “Aye”
Fabio and Jegor fix everything fixable and prepare everything for the journy. Fabio's feeling sick, the wound on his head from the fight with Yuri hurts like hell “Jegor, Captain, I think I have to visit a doctor" he says. The captain says it's fine "everything is done now, you can go" When Fabio arrives at the doctor he asks for a medicine. The doctor gives him something against the pain and tells Fabio to take some rest. Fabios head hurts, he's tired and the sunlight's hurting his eyes. He goes home to go to sleep. His eyes are closed but that meeting with his father keeps him from restfull sleep...by the looks of it.

Chaining Shadow
06-28-2013, 03:37 PM
english version will update every now and than, because i am dutch, the dutch version will apear first. Then i have to translate it and after that the english version will apear

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Its interesting....

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Its interesting....

06-29-2013, 01:42 AM
Hello Daan, Either the members here are shy about voicing their opinion, they don't have keyboards, they don't understand English or just maybe they don't like to read. Lol. I understood your story in Dutch and see some small changes you made here. Love what you are doing m8. Keep it up. Would be nice if other members wrote their AC stories but there aren't many here.. I like your opening and have been left wanting more. Strong story.

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