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06-25-2013, 07:54 AM
i have 2
suggestion 1:
**this 1 i got from yu gi oh TV series (yes i know its for kiddis but i got hooked...)
Mix fortune card plus the mixed creature card.

if you have 2 or more specific creatures on field, you can destroy both in order to summon another one you have in hand that is stronger for free.
note= you must have the new special creature in hand.
that way people will search for more specific cards and also will take a risk by destroying the 2(or more) cards for a specific one.

suggestion 2;
this one i base on Heroes games.
upgrade fortune card and upgraded creature.

if lets say ghoul is in field and *bigger-ghoul* creature is in hand AND 'upgrade creature' fortune(or event card) aswell, you use it on a ghoul and BANISH the older goul.
some will have the ability of upgrade-1 and some upgrade-2, upgrade-2 will require a creature already upgraded by 1.

in my opinion upgrade-creature card should be common and only 4 of these in a deck will require taking a risk who we want to upgrade and when.

i think there is something that can be interesting to see in-game. but thats just me.

07-15-2013, 02:49 PM
Don't like either of those ideas.

The problem being is they both have a high chance of getting card disadvantage,

1: You need to get "lucky" to get the combo in playt, and then upgrade them to something bigger.
At that point your opponent spends 1 card to destory it, or return to your hand and you are down on cards and tempo/

2: This is basicly how pokemon evolve in the card game.
Again, high risk, low value and too random.

Also dont think these would works from a flavour wise point in DOC: M&M.
We have upgrade likes Succubus and Lilm, but they dont require sacrifice.

We have 1 creature you can deploy onto another, but it returns the old to your hand, and does not require 1 specific creature.
Maybe they will use this more often in the future, but I doubt it.