View Full Version : Pao Phenix (Zardoc Control)

06-25-2013, 12:31 AM

Made up this deck for the 20 bastion win achievement and he is very fun to play. (no tier 1 but still manage a good ratio once you get used to the mass removal spells)

You need to stall first (shield/altar) in order to grow your ressources and draws, then play it very aggressivly and use early pao & arena to bring down the opponent life.
(max4 magic & 3 fortune first and draw everytime it's possible)
Goal is to finish with recurring Pao with "The light of tomorow".
Try to keep most of your bridges for late game (in order to clean the way for yours pao or to bounce them and replay them)
You have acces to a toolbox (fortune like tower etc..) so try out some other cards in 1

Event :
Week of austerity slow him and sometimes even makes him hurt.
Hail-Storm is very nice with your mass removal & Altar of shadow (altar+hail, then next turn insect swarm and bye bye all 4 life creatures)

Have fun and watch opponent decay once you get a free pao every turn :p