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06-24-2013, 12:22 AM
Assassins Creed III,
Now that was a HUGE disappointment. Where should I start?

- The characters. How boring can you make someone. Conners' dad comes across as a weak imitation of James Bond and as far as Conner goes... Just immensely uninteresting compared to his predecessors.
- The story line is utterly incomprehensible. You get one assignment after the other, broken down into a few 30 seconds of game play moments and the rest happens in boring movie clips with bad acting. Never really explaining what the Hell is going on, or why you're doing things.
- Since the story line is utterly boooooooring, you think, well I will do some side quests, or I'll do some hunting. Unfortunately... The overall game play reminds me of those really bad "Lord of the Rings" games that came out around the first LOTR movie. Simple and tedious. Produced in record time, with not much thought put into quality. A 6 year old wouldn't be challenged. Same here, Oh goody, now I'm planning a wedding, or picking up groceries...

- By far the very worst thing in the entire game is also one of the most frequent things in the game. The area of effect of ladders, fences, horses, (basically anything that can be climbed, grabbed, moved or mounted) are way to big. You can't get around the scenery quickly, or chase somebody without the blistering idiot continuously climbing all sorts of **** you don't want, just because in your hurry, you will get a hair too close to some object and it triggers some "climbing/interact object animation"..

- The combat system is a disaster. Still don't understand why I have more trouble killing one wolf than annihilating an entire regiment of soldiers. So far I've just been hitting the evasion and action button and that more or less kills everything one by one, (except wolves that is). Especially at the ending of the game. I faced entire firing squads and not a scratch. But the head but of the Scottish guard takes half my health. Oh and whatever you do... Do not talk, (interact) with ANYONE straight after a fight. ALWAYS LOOT FIRST...! If you don't you will find all the bodies gone, but the street still littered with their weapons. Seems legit.
- Auto Targeting, a disaster in itself. I cannot count the times Conner attacks the wrong target. On many occasions you are ready to fire on the selected target and for reasons unknown, at the very last split second the target jumps to another enemy, completely screwing up your kill. Especially fun while on the one of the many, many, many "Don't get detected" assignments. Especially fun was the occasion I'm hanging on a ledge, ready to pull the enemy off te roof. I click and what happens? Conner jumps to a group of six soldiers standing three stories below and kills one of 'm. Needless to say, I got detected.

- The Notorious system? What system? I killed a guard in front of an entire platoon and they did nothing. 3 stars in my notorious thingy, filled red all the way, but as long as I moved really slowly they didn't attack me. Just followed me to a haystack. Once I jumped in there, (clearly visible to all soldiers), they stood there for a while and eventually left. On other occasions, with the board green all over, they attacked me without any provocation what so ever.

Other onnoyances and screw-ups:
- Can't interact with a shop, (and probably lots of other stuff) while on a mission??? WTF? Why not???
- The Wild Animal attack system is fun... Especially if NO Button Combination to press appears on the screen...!!!
- Riding a Horse is te most frustrating business ever. The stupid animal stops at every bloody pebble or twig in the forest and then the computer needs a minute or two to decide which animation to load. If you're really lucky the thing gets completely stuck, jumping from one animation to the other, resulting in a twitching, uncontrollable piece of useless transportation. In 99 out of a 100 cases you're better off walking. Worst game play EVER...!!!
- The underground tunnel system... A bit redundant when you get to travel instantly from here to there, later in the game. But a fine way to make the game 5 times longer.
- A clothesline with some towels hanging from it is an unsurpassable obstacle... So are numerous fences, where Conner rather just sits on than jumps over..

- Spoiling the fun greatly are also the numerous illogical and stupid paths you are forced to take. For instance; I'm standing on the railing of the Man-O-War I just blew up, (Sequence 11, I think) and I must " Escape the Man-O-War". But I cannot jump into the water, which by far would be the quickest way to escape, right? No, instead I need to run across this burning wreck and then a movie clip shows Conner jumping from at least 50 feet height, landing safely on the deck of his own ship... The game is infested with this kind of illogical and totally unbelievable crap and it spoils everything.

- To finish this disaster of a game... I can't even start to list all the graphic ****-ups, cause there just are too many to mention them all. Vanishing bodies, standing in mid air, getting stuck in scenery, limbs disappearing in buildings, Invisible enemies, (red dots visible on mini map and screen, but no soldiers)... Anyway, you name it, this game's got it. Worst one so far, (or at least, the funniest one) is the Conner jumping of the back of the horse and sticking his head "literally" up the horses' behind...!!!

Wasn' there anything good about the game... Sure there was. Plenty... Beautiful scenery and real nice lifelike cities. Big fun to roam around in these settings. Really got the feeling of a real world. But this just doesn't make up for the frustrating total experience and disappointment after Revelations and Brotherhood.

Maybe this game suffered by haste. Maybe a deadline needed to be met. I dunno, but they should have spent at least a couple of months more tweaking the game and correcting all the mistakes. This was a very frustrating 150 hours of my life. Sincerely hope AC4 will be better... Much better.

06-24-2013, 03:15 AM
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