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06-23-2013, 02:04 AM
To grow the community a bit and show the devs a bit of love early on why not have one off topic thread to discuss some of their previous work (limited to Test Drive Unlimited (2006-2007) and Driver: San Francisco (2011).

What's your story, how did you get into this MOOR genre, what did you love about TDU1/DSF, share an epic video/screenshot (don't spam loads - link to an album or something), did you make up any of your own game modes to play with friends, and so on... what have we learnt from these games that should appear in The Crew, and what shouldn't be brought across? Are you brand new to this and just loved what you saw at E3?

So I bet you're all not dying to hear my story :)
I joined the Australian Atari forums shortly after picking up TDU1 for PC (first ever forum join), which had about 6 active members (one of which I'm still friends with to this day), so I quickly moved on to the Europe Atari forums (and eventually the USA community and also TDU-Central). There was a great group of us on the Atari Europe TDU1-PC forums that cruised and played mini-games every week. Diablo (an Atari forum moderator and owner of TDU-Central - surprised he isn't a mod over here yet :p) invited me over to his forum to help out, and I've been spamming there ever since. :)

TDU1 made me:
1. Build a new PC in 2007 to play the game smoothly
2. Buy a Logitech G25 since it had great force feedback and the clutch + 6 speed shifter, perfect for cruising. Anyone else here from the old SOOAG club? :) (I've upgraded to the Fanatec CSR Elite + Clubsport pedals and TH8RS shifter now - more expensive than that first computer I built).
3. Buy a real life GPS unit (back when they were expensive and rare) since I appreciated them early on after seeing the one in TDU1
4. Build a much better PC in 2008
5. Buy TrackIR - also great for cruising, and the fact that is also worked in 3rd-person view was great for chases.
6. Buy a ButtKicker - TDU was one of the best games that worked with this - you'd feel distinct rumbles of the various engines (V8's and V10's were especially exquisite), each gear change, bump (repeated big crashes could actually hurt a bit in combination with the wheel force feedback), and you'd also feel the limit of grip when the wheels were spinning, making you a little faster/more consistent.
7. Drive thousands of miles around the various mountain roads accessible within a day around my area in real life. (200bhp/320nm 2009 VW Golf)
8. Hardcore mode (and all this new hardware) got me into Sim Racing (GTR2, Race 07, GT Legends, Project CARS, etc)

So you can see why I'm pretty excited for The Crew, especially after being burnt by TDU2.

I don't have a lot of TDU videos remaining online (most had music in them so I had to remove them), but you'll find them in Chronological order here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfXRmVNGXIo&list=PLJO09rIH740q5teH14XNQmcl7Wekx_txp

Some photos (didn't post them all in this thread): http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/18599-Ryzzas-Pics-added-new-pics-8513
Also: https://picasaweb.google.com/107270044298697330502/JustCruisin#

Some game modes we played in TDU1:
Hot Pursuit (chases) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxaCNGbHCbE&list=PLJO09rIH740q5teH14XNQmcl7Wekx_txp
Hot Pursuit with a defined route (i.e. up the east coast) and defined/shared bookmarks that the police could use to jump ahead of the suspect (NFS3 style) if they fell behind
Offroad races (race from N.E. lighthouse to S.W. lighthouse without driving along any roads)
Team races/chases - 3 v 3 (red v blue)
Rental races (race to the next VRent shop before your hire time expires - race around the entire island only in rentals - winner is a combination of the fastest and who spent the least money renting cheaper cars)
Tag - usually in offroad enclosed spaces (jumping over a fence) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W95FF0doI9k&list=PLJO09rIH740q5teH14XNQmcl7Wekx_txp
Race Tournaments - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LKE0COsfkI&list=PLJO09rIH740q5teH14XNQmcl7Wekx_txp
Gumball Rally - 4 teams of two would race to a list of destinations in any order, take a photo at each, and the winner would be the first pair to upload all their photos onto the forums.
Scavenger hunt - similar to Gumball, except instead of driving to specific locations, there were just a list of objects to find and photograph, so the routes were a lot more diverse.
Navigation races - with all the HUD and GPS and driver names turned off, drivers would take in turns naming places to race to, to test not only driving skill but also how well we knew the island of O'ahu. Some people got VERY lost, (I'd turn the HUD back on after arriving to see where they were - http://bit.ly/12VEGiM & http://bit.ly/12VELD2) ;)
Making movies - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3IdmhkeeSU&list=PLJO09rIH740qiF7I9PR3c5a9GiK3BpTBz
Many more that I can't remember

I also played and enjoyed Driver SF on PC (Steam). I would've enjoyed online mode a lot but it was so hard to get into a lobby with others, since it was all done automatically (couldn't browse a list of lobbies and select), so you were almost always placed into a lobby on your own. I was pretty good at Trailblazer though :)

06-27-2013, 08:55 AM
your story is similar to mine. I think that's with most people from TDU1 fraction. :p

TDU1 made me:
1. Build a new PC in 2007 to play the game smoothly ^^
2. Buy a Logitech Driving Force Pro (which is a very good entry level steering wheel) to Play in H Mode
3. Buy a Logitech G25 and a 27" Display for more experience in 2008
4. Begin to Build a Homemade Cockpit.
5. Buy TrackIR
6. Buy Triplehead2Go and three 22" Displays to expand my Rig in 2009
7. Upgrade my System and buy a Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS Wheel with Clubsport Pedals
8. Change my Triplehead2Go to Eyefinity with a new Graphics Card in 2010
9. Change my 3x22" Screens to 3x27" in 2011
10. TDU2 was a disappointment.

Also, I like to drive in GTR2, GTR Evo, pCARS, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Simraceway

maybe The Crew in the future. I hope so. ;) I really miss a big world with good physics, where we can do that we can not do in the real world. ^^

06-27-2013, 11:53 PM
Before I first saw the first Trailer of TDU1, in 2005 NFS Most Wanted was my first semi-openworld racing game.

But in 2006 TDU changed everything, it was a complete new experience.
And TDU1 was also the first game that made me to tune up my computer:
new processor, new video card, new lcd-monitor, the G25, well almost everything.
But after 1 year I got tired of the problems with TDU1. Bought Driver Parallel Lines for a change, but it never gave me the same pleasure as in TDU1. Mainly because TDU was more realistic and you could meet other players in its online world.
Soon after that me and my friends (mostly from TDU) discovered sim racing with rFactor, which made us almost forget arcade gaming.
Bought some new gear, made myself a racing chair.
After that, games like GTR2, GT legends, RACE07, Evo, STCC The Game were added to my collection.
In 2011, I've heard about TDU2 and got hyped again, but became a shock when I saw the Beta and a very poor game at a friend of mine. For me TDU2 and its franchise was history and I focused on sim racing back again.
In 2012 I bought the Fanatec Club Sport Pedals, Thrustmaster Shifter, and a racing rig with three 27" LED Monitors and finally the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel with the BMW GT rim.
Started racing with pCARS, Accetto Corsa and RRRE.
Now I am planning to build myself a custom racing rig and I am thinking about a career with iRacing.
In the meantime I am really looking forward to The Crew and hopefully it will be as good as TDU1. Or maybe even better...

06-29-2013, 07:01 PM
Same here haha, built a new computer that could handle TDU.. bought a G27, etc etc... cried when TDU2 came out.....

06-30-2013, 07:35 PM
Well I ended up here being a fan of the former Newcastle studio Reflections Interactive.

I first got in touch with them by seeing Destruction Derby on the PS1.
The reason why this game got my attention was that I always missed car destruction in racing games.
I played Stunts (4D sports driving), Rallye Racing 97, Nascar and the old Test Drive: The Duel.
In all these games it was possible to crash your car but without any damage simulation (except Nascar).

Destruction Derby was the first game I knew that really focused on the deformation of cars.
Later Driver 1 appeared, and it included not only nice vehicle damage but also a free open world in 3D, muscle cars and a great driving model.
It quickly became one of my favourite racing games on PC. Because I didn't own a PS I wasn't able to get the sequel Driver 2 but by having an Xbox I was really looking forward to Driv3r.
I really liked the third installment of the Driver series allthough it was quite buggy and had a bad on-foot experience. But the gameplay around driving and the damage model flashed me again. Using the movie director I really enjoyed the creation of car chase movies.
I was happy that Atari decided to bring out another game after the really bad reception of Driv3r but despite the cool setting of Driver: Parallel Lines they really messed up with the driving model and damage in the 4th Driver game. Due to the big success of the GTA series Reflections decided to take a more cartoonish approach and tuned down the vehicle handling.

When TDU came out just one year later I was impressed by the detailed car models, the interiors, cockpit view and the huge game world. Unfortunately the driving wasn't that fun. I didn't like the physics concerning crashes in TDU at all. Along with the lack of vehicle damage.
Then Ubisoft bought Reflections from Atari and finally they announced the reboot of the Driver series.
I was totally excited again.
Driver San Francisco turned out as a really nice game with the same focus I always loved about the series: a game based on the car-chase movies of the 70s and 80s.

But I didn't like the limited driving space. You could not get off the road. Nowhere. First because there were indestructible fences, walls or posts. Second and even worse: because there were invisible walls. If you tried to jump over a fence or even over a bridge or off a bridge you were blocked by these invisible barriers.
I don't know but for me there's nothing more disappointing than a path you can see but not go there simply because the game decides: you mustn't go there, even if it looks passable.

Another letdown in DSF was the simplyfied car handling that didn't let the cars flip correctly. You always tended to land on all 4 wheels again.

So when I heared about a new driving game done by Ubisoft Reflections I was caught again.
To be honest: when it turned out that Ivory Tower is the main developer and Reflections is just working as a supporting studio I was a bit disappointed.
But all in all they both could combine their different strengths to really provide a racing game experience I always dreamed of:
A huge interesting and diverse driving environment to explore, a focus on action packed races and chases with a lot of crashes, a car handling that is the best between realism and arcade and a great portion of car costumization.

07-17-2013, 06:33 AM
i ended up here because my dsf has so much screen tear i cant play