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06-21-2013, 04:38 PM
1. AC1 :
lack of access to Uplay (I have the original DVD)//No game save in the cloud
no change audio language (at least in the edition published by my country - Poland)
out of sync with Wndows 7/8
No upgrades for deluxe edition in ubishop
No game save in the cloud
on the menu: inventory\ supplies lack of options for throwing knives marked as locked
No achievements in Uplay
You can earn some extra money by selling to shop UBI dlc that came out only on the PS4 - making them available to other platwormom - for example Copernicus DLC release on PC and Xbox
In the field of DNA, the last box/grid is not filled despite the fulfillment of the mission of its subordinate
After reinstalling the game not skin/outfit Desmond
No achievements for the DLC lost archive in Uplay
after passing DLC Benedict Arnold did not fill the boxes/grids indicating the state of completion of the mission
no black highlights subtitles in the game (as in AC: R) so that in the game often blend with white / light background and becomes not readable

UBI please help gamers finally earn on them money ;P

sory for hurting English

write what the people of UBI should still fix it - let them know that it is not too late to fix some old game, spending a few patches

06-24-2013, 06:38 AM
Most of this are minor issues. Minor issue in an old game = no patch.
And do you really expect them to add full Uplay support into AC1? It was released 2 years before Uplay and 4 years before Uplay actually become a gaming platform, not just DRM.

09-26-2013, 03:58 PM
Copernicus Conspiracy shouldn't be limited to PS3, though. Surely everyone can agree to that?