View Full Version : Changes to Infernal Pit

06-21-2013, 02:01 PM
As I see the IP now, with the increasing number of cards avaiable, it's quite impossible to get any usefull card from it when you have all the common/uncommon cards and a big ammount of rares (or even epics) are plain useless or not worth to have 4x. So, here is just an idea that could probably be implemented with a minimal effort to help the IP to be less luck dependent and more usefull.

Add two button under the witch image (instead of the actual card): "make sacrifices" (A) and "claim a gift" (B)
- The A button just work as the actual infernal pit, but only allowing to destroy cards to get gold (eventually, premium card destroyed this way could give some extra gold).
- The B button shows the equivalent of an Emilio pack content (that is refreshed daily) and any single card can be buyed from it with gold or seals.

This system will eventually allow to spend earned gold directly on the IP (making it work like a single card store), but with the actual prices a player will need a grand total of 44000 gold to empty it. Also, by refreshing it daily and allowing to get only one copy of each showed card, it will still be a bit slow to get all the needed runes.

P.S.: It would also be interesting if each player gets its own Emilio in the infernal pit...