View Full Version : I have a story to share about Might and Magic and one of it's Devs.

06-20-2013, 07:42 AM
Let me start by saying I am a massive fan of the MM series. Back in 1992 I got my first real pc. a 286/10 with a 40 meg HD. One of my first games was Isles of Terra and I was in love with it. I played it for about 6 months trying to do everything I could in it. I then saw that Clouds of Xeen was coming out soon and my attention turned to that. I played the hell out of Clouds and eventually Darkside. At some point I had called New World Computing for a reason I can't remember but what I do remember is the person who answered was Mark Caldwell. For those who don't know Mark was the Lead Programmer of all the early Might and Magic games. I spoke to Mark for probably 20 minutes and I battered him with tons of questions and tons of information that I had learned. I must have impressed him because he told me he wanted me to send him a resume. His exact words escape me but I remember just being floored. Problem was I was dating some girl and she didn't want to move to California(we lived in NJ) so I never actually followed up with him. Probably my biggest regret. But the story does not end there.

I continued to play the MM series through part 6. I felt that something was lost in the 3d world. I still enjoyed 6 but it was not the same experience I had with Terra and Xeen. I also started playing the Heroes series and enjoyed that very much. Some years had passed and it was now 1998. I was now working in Seattle for a small indie company and we went to E3 in Atlanta. When I was there I stopped by the 3d0 booth which now owned NWC. The first person I saw there was Mark and he was showing off Heroes 3 I believe it was. I asked him a bunch of questions about it and I basically stood there kind of star struck. This guy was one of the main people involved in created my most beloved game series and I was talking to him so yeah I geeked out. After he told me about Heroes I eventually went into who I was and told him about the phone called we had years earlier. He totally.... didn't remember it :) I can't say I was surprised. I never followed through and while it was the world to me it just wasn't to him and that was completely fine.

The great thing though was that I spoke to him a few more times after that and he really was a great guy. I was able to ask him some questions which helped out the company I worked for. Just small things but it meant a lot that he would answer what I asked. I went to 3-4 more E3's after that and he would always wave to me when he saw me there.

This story might not mean much to anyone other than myself but I wanted to share it with some fellow MM fans. Thank you for reading it.