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06-20-2013, 05:21 AM
I'm actually not really sure if anyone has already tried to look into this, but since the first game I have been massive fan of the Assassins Creed game series, and will continue the journey it is to play them. However, after playing through all of the games that are currently out, involving one fictional Desmond miles and companions to make exact reference, I began to notice something. In the first game I know for a fact that almost everything about it is historically accurate, namely the characters, and especially the targets, date, time, and location of death. Now I'll go ahead and mention this, I am posting this because I wish to have it spread (hopefully) to Ubisoft themselves, if that is they haven't already realized this. I have done and will be continuing extensive research into the people that are real in the game(s), for known example, sir Conrad de Montferrat king of Jerusalem, assassinated by the Hashashins around about 1192. Now before this gets more boring than it probably already is to read, I noticed that every where I looked the time period in which the assassins dissipated varied from the mid 1200's to the mid 1600's, in case you aren't good at math that's 400 years. Again in case you never properly noticed, assassins creed II through III (AC II, brotherhood, revelations, and ACIII), they didn't have any historical characters or story to work with, that I've seen, as I said I'm still researching, besides the essential characters you meet and kill, such as general George Washington, and Charles lee. You can look up specific names and such from the first game and you'll see many odd things. My point being the time period in which the Assassins and Templars properly dissipated has fluctuated, and not been set to a certain century, it has been my belief since I first started looking into it that the Assassins and Templars still live and continue to fight. There are many places in which you can find both organizations fighting in the time period of the crusades, again what I'm trying to put through is that I may or may not have an idea as to where both organizations are and who they are. I ask that anyone and possibly everyone look into this anomaly in history, and find the fluctuations for yourself, it is most interesting, watch documentaries and read books, I will soon enough post again and check up on my current post.