View Full Version : What cards to buy next on Ariana

06-16-2013, 11:17 PM
I started playing like 2 weeks before the new set of cards came out with a Necro starter deck. I steadily improved my deck and I am at 1080 atm but I am kinda stuck at that rating now. This is the deck I am playing right now: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/5537/
As you guys can see I am still missing a lot of cards. The one copy of shadow image and town portal are like place holders. I always switch them to find something that fits in there. I tried Banshees and Puppet Master but it always feels wrong since my curve ends at 4 and just upping by 2 seems wrong. Also since the new card set everyone is playing now Nergal and my deck feels kinda subpar to that. So I dunno if I take this into the right direction. I got 1400 seals to spend and I am completely unsure on what to spend them. Should I get a box so I have a chance for more Insect Swarms and Earthquakes and maybe a Pao. Or get the newest set for the Necro creatures like Decay Splitter, Untamed Wrath or Soul Consuming Lich. Atm my personal preference is to buy the new set since the creature seem rly powerful.

06-17-2013, 03:30 AM
def. want to go to 6 magic with ariana. I don't think you need to go creature heavy since Ariana is magic, so I think maybe you need to really invest in heroic packs to try to get Nergal (your deck really looks more like a Nergal deck to me -> once you add in decay spitters).

with seals you should get herald of the void. you can change all you lamasu with untamed wraiths and take out the vengeful spectres... unless you really like them. need 4 of earthquakes and maybe 1 more insect swarm. At least 2 puppet master, maybe a time jump, and that new unique prime spell in HoV is good too for her.

also toss in stone shield and take out town portal.