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06-11-2013, 10:32 PM
Hiya, new to the game, decided I didnt like the decks for the starter factions, so I chose to play with stronghold.


Thats a link to my current Kat deck. The singles, and things generally under 4 copies is because I only own that many copies, ideally ill change my fortunes to 2 more week of the mercs, add another pao, add another big cyclops, etc.

Are there any other obvious things, aside from possibly more gold piles, that i should be on the look out for?

Currently my deck requires me to up my might by 6 and fortune by 1, I usually only up my might to 5 unless i draw my big bruiser monster. thus i believe it would be a 4/0/1 deck

I'm wondering if i should spend my seals @ ~ lvl 10 on another clashing tides (1 pao, 1 cyclops, 2 blood pools, 2 fury, 2 centaur marauders)

Im sure most will say to save the seals for the expansion, and would probably chastise me for spending 1100 seals on the clashing tides as a lowbie :( however I've enjoyed playing immensely compared to my initial starter (haven)

Also I've got the crag hero, is it potentially beneficial to make my deck a 7/0/3(really a 5/0/3 most of the time) or maybe even 7/0/2 ( drop the 3 fortune stuff) and use the other hero for the deck?

Thoughts and advise would be great!

Current elo 550 ish, been beat 2 times them double strike cyclopses can seriously drop hurt on someone not careful to over-block them.

06-12-2013, 11:45 AM
Even though i have Crag Hack, i wouldnt consider him playable at the highest level. 3 Paos are enough in my opinion so you could just safe your riches for something different.

You already mentioned your Gold Pile, you must run at least 3 of them to make sure you can gain the most out of them. If you get them early to accelerate, they are ok. But if run only one or two and draw them mid to late game, its almost 100% a dead card. If you are up against an opponent with Week of Taxes they are actually worth nothing.

1 Ranaar Mauler? You dont have a reliable way to get enrage counters and you dont have Kelthor > therefore, a useless card maybe another Goblin Hunter?
Altair of Shadows is more of a Stall Card. You have your Tainted Orcs, Brawlers and Ranaar Harpies to block and hold off your opponent, so i would drop them as well for another Camp Fire or Sacrificial Altair. Actually i would add all the Sacrificial Altairs you have. Your deck lacks removal spells.

You have access to Earth and Wind Magic. Earth Quake and Insect Swarms would be grat additions. Wind Magic is bascially useless for your hero except for Lightning Strike! Sadly you can only get it through Herald of the Void Packs and i wouldnt recommend any Swiss Tournaments at the moment. You can give it a try but dont be disappointed if you get crushed by high well trimmed decks.

A general advice, dont spread out your requierements too much, keep it close to make your deck consistent and ensure you are actually able to play the cards in your hand!

My first impressions so far, as soon as you have a larger card pool and more options, feel free to post your deck once more. I hope i was able to help you.

06-12-2013, 03:59 PM
Thanks a ton, I will certainly use my riches on boosters instead of another deck if 3 paos is plenty. I see what you're saying about the specific things you mentioned, and yes, currently the amounts are due to card copies being low, I'd certainly run more gold piles if i had them.

I've read what you have here and ill work on it, thanks!

06-12-2013, 06:03 PM
Also I do not think it is worth going to 5 or 6 might for one card at each level, that is two extra cards you could be drawing. I would not go above 4 might for now.