View Full Version : Kat Fyte 4/2/3 With Surprises (literally)

06-02-2013, 08:21 AM
Decided to try a Kats deck for stronghold. Heres what I came up with so far. http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/4128/

I am thinking about trying Week of Tamed spirits in here instead of week of mercs though. See how that works out. As week of mercs can occassionaly be used against me. Tamed spirits never hurts the deck.


The two stampedes are up in the air too. So far when I use them it feels more like a Win More card then the lightening bolt to the face I pictured it to be.

As I have played with it more I have made these changes to the list currently. http://mmdoc.net/show_deck/4136/

- 2 stampede + 2 Blackskull Clan Warlord

-4 Blackskull Centaur +4 Goblin Hunter

Early game is playing out better now. Late game has a bit more reach thanks to the Clan warlord making me able to surprise attack almost anything if I have to. Or just beat someones head in. Still debating either changing mana storm or week of mercs to tamed spirits.