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05-31-2013, 06:54 PM

So I solved the "50 files not validated" issue with a local integrity-check within Steam. That's ok, now, and it's saying all 50 are fine.

Try to launch. Uplay comes up (cursed system...I hate you). Splash screen comes up for Blood dragon. Windows informs me that "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has stopped working" (implying that at some point it did).




Tried launching from Steam. Tried launching from \Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\bin folder and using both fc3_blooddragon.exe and fc3_blooddragon_d3d11.exe. Neither work - same as above. Tried removing both exe files and replacing the non-d3d11 one and renaming it with _d3d11. Didn't work. Tried launching from uPlay (I hate you uPlay). Didn't work. Tried doing a Steam reset, VC++ reinstall, DX reinstall.

What else?

I checked FC3 loads ok. It does. Just Blood Dragon is broke. It's been a month...haven't they worked a solution to this damn problem yet??


06-01-2013, 10:51 AM
Hi and welcome to the forums, have you opened a ticket with Technical Support about this? the link is in my signature.

06-05-2013, 12:39 AM
If you have not done so, please include as much information as possible in your Support ticket as well as your dxdiag and msinfo. If you have not submitted a ticket feel free to contact Support directly using the links in my sig.

07-20-2013, 09:39 PM
If you have not done so, please include as much information as possible in your Support ticket as well as your dxdiag and msinfo. If you have not submitted a ticket feel free to contact Support directly using the links in my sig.

I'm having the same problem. In fact, the whole of the Internet seems to have this problem, and they've all likely opened support tickets. Why is there no simple FAQ about this on this forum? Or- better still- why hasn't the game been patched already?

08-31-2013, 01:58 AM
I'm having the same problem. In fact, the whole of the Internet seems to have this problem, and they've all likely opened support tickets. Why is there no simple FAQ about this on this forum? Or- better still- why hasn't the game been patched already?

This is getting ridiculous. I have two tickets going about this issue, one in the english and one on the german support. For the english ticket I was supposed to send a system scan with san tool back to UbI, which I did - never heared from them again. The second was even better, for some reason my query was sent to the german support. They asked me to please speak german to them...

But back to my problem. I bought Far Cry 3 on Steam. Installed it, played it - life was good. I got Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for free with the AMD never settle promo, downloaded it installed it, launched it. Game is broken - crash on splash screen. Oh well, launched Far Cry 3 now broken as well. Same issue as with FC3 BD. What is going on there? Are these games interfering with each other? Is Steam interfering with Uplay? I'm going to wait a couple more days and see if Support will get back to me after almost a month, but I doubt it to be honest. Guess I'll just have go and download both games cracked from some torrent site eventually to be able to play them. What a world...

09-02-2013, 09:52 AM
... exact same problem here as well ...

09-20-2013, 01:37 PM
Has anyone found a solution to this? UBI support just keeps closing my tickets unsolved.

Out of pure curiosity, anyone of you who is having the crash at start issue since day one (never able to launch the game) - how did you buy the game? On Steam or in UPLAY Shop? Did you get it for free with the Never Settle Promotion from AMD after purchasing a new AMD Graphics card or did you pay for the game?

I'll Start - Never Settle Promo, downloaded the game free from UPLAY Shop. Now you :)

11-25-2013, 01:12 PM
AHHHHHH! THANK YOU!!!! I too am experiencing the same crap! I tried to use support but I'm not sure what their true purpose is or what they support. I have a brand spanking new PC gaming machine I built just to play new games with KA graphics. I got an XFX Radeon FX HD R7950 with the never settle promo. I was looking forward to 4 free games. Looks like the only game I won't be experiencing is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. I installed it, got it to run 1 time. 1freaking time. Then I get the "A problem caused program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".

This was over 2 weeks ago. Since then, I've done everything! I used to be in the PC support business for over 25 years. I've completely restored my system prior to the game install. I deleted everything and anything that was related to uplay and FC3 BD. I then re-installed everything and waited for all the updates to finish. Then I tried to start the game and still no game. I've wasted too much time on this!

If they don't have enough pride in their product to stand behind it and fix it, then I will never buy or use anything from them again! I figure no matter how great the game is advertised to be, If I pay hard earned money and it takes a crap, I will be out and homie don't play that.

I've tried every fix on the internet. I've been to every forum.

12-03-2013, 03:10 AM
I got this game with my new graphical card, and it don't work, same problem here when I launch it
Does someone find a solution ?

01-07-2014, 06:33 AM
I thought I'd chime in because I have been experiencing this issue for months and months.I was fortunate enough to actually get a reply however since I had xenon processors they basically told me tough luck xenon's not supported. Ubisoft is the worst game developer out there now. I also had an issue with assassins Creed where an update deleted my saved file and wiped out 60+ hours of gameplay. Again all they did was say there's nothing we can do. I was looking forward to blacklist and watchdog, unfortunately I will never buy another game made by this company. Instead of addressing this issue that a whole community of gamers are experiencing they just ignore it. Awesome ethic Ubisoft!

01-29-2014, 05:22 AM
I've officially changed the name from "Farcry" to "Frustration-cry". I've thrown in the towel! NO MORE UBISOFT GAMES EVER!!! In all my years of dedication to the computer and software profession I have rarely come across software that can't be fixed! Most of the time there are disclaimers before you buy stating hardware or software that may have conflicts or will not work with the game; this is acceptable. In this scenario this is not the case. In fact, you can say my system would be the ideal system just for this game!

Why wont it work? THEY HAVE NO CLUE!!! I remember a time of quality and pride. When all software came in a box and included a hard copy of the user manual (much like GTA San Andreas which was a real shocker). There was also a support number with eager to help tech nerds. Their soul purpose in life was customer satisfaction. If ever there was a situation that seemed unsolvable, an actual herd of support nerds would brainstorm and tackle the problem. If they had to go out and make a house call or actually build an exact clone to seek out the problem they would. Not in a week or a month, but within 48 hours!! I started my support ticket on November 7, 2013. My last response from ubisoft was January 25, 2014, with no resolution in sight. This is over 2 months!!!

Large difficult problems rarely occurred with old games or software. Most of the old problems had to do with the system devices, memory or OS. Software would be tested and perfected BEFORE it was even beta released. A software package would NEVER leave with the companies logo or stamp of approval if it wasn't thoroughly tested and considered free from bugs and errors.They would rather push back the release date than release a substandard product. Back then a 80286 computer cost $5000, a 5 MB hard drive was $500 and 2 MB of RAM was too much to mention. When your buying stuff at those prices you expect QUALITY, QUALITY and more QUALITY!! You didn't have to hope for it, you expected it and you got it!!

The new exciting world of personal computing was so freaking expensive. Between student loans, pocket protectors and zit cream nerds and hackers realized the cost of hardware couldn't be changed, but software was different. The bullied became the bullies and their targets were major software companies. Hacking and pirating software was easy and software companies started losing revenue. They were also taking flak from their competitors . I'm not sure what company it was (maybe Microsoft) but some employee's were turned into spies. They leaked the code and/or the software before the company's actual release date to try and destroy the company from within.

There was a flood of "free" software. What people received was often buggy, rough, virus filled, and unfinished but functional software. As long as it was free, they dealt with the bugs and waited for patches or revisions to arrive to fix it. Software companies took notice that it no longer mattered if the product was finished or great. The consumer was eager to brag that they have the latest and (not so) greatest. This is when it all started to fall apart. As long as they knew a revision or patch was on its way they didn't care.

Somewhere down the line came the sweet spot where hardware and software was cheap enough to not be a major financial burden. Now though, the companies had gone too far releasing software still filled with problems. They totally took advantage of this "we'll fix it as it goes" attitude to the point of embarrassing laziness!! They spit out sloppy product to make revenue and threw patch after patch at the consumer sometimes even calling the fixed software a new version and charging for it. Their new mission was, keep ahead of the competition and the pirating community at any cost. If the consumer craved and needed the newest, they needed to accept a substandard unfinished product.

How many patches has Farcry 3 had? is it stable? is it fixed? how many patches are yet to come? How about the consumers who spent the money but still have no fix? Is it okay for the company to simply ignore and push these people to the side? That is exactly what they are doing!!! How is this ethical? isn't this some kind of crime? When you buy software from the store in a package for $60 they say "ONCE OPENED, THIS CANNOT BE RETURNED. THE ONLY RETURN THEY ACCEPT IS FOR DAMAGED MEDIA!!! Even then, it can only be replaced!! NO REFUNDS!!! It says nothing about returning your money if the damned game doesn't install or work.

They knew about this problem in the regular Farcry 3. It wasn't fixed! It wasn't even addressed! Instead, they made more money releasing Farcry 3 Blooddragon - WITH THE SAME DAMN ERROR AND PROBLEM!!!

THIS IS STEALING!!! $60 gone!!! I don't know about you but $60 buys a lot of Twinkies!! There are too many nerds out there who passively give in and let the big company steal their milk money without making a complaint! As long as these software companies (UBISOFT) aren't held accountable for their ill got money, they will continue releasing half baked software that may or may not work. I don't think their intention is to create bad software, but they did intentionally steal from those they knew this error would affect.

BTW, I am a nerd too! I'm just a nerd that fought back when someone attempted to bully me. They ended up with their underwear pulled over their head. I walked away with their milk money!