View Full Version : Tom Petty / SiriusXM Limited Engagement channel... Pure Bliss!

05-31-2013, 12:44 AM
I had always been a pretty big Tom Petty fan. I won tickets a few years back to his concert here from his people (they gave me 2nd row tix), and I own a LOT of his music/box sets/etc... I am totally digging his limited engagement channel on Sirius right now. I don't understand (though I realize he has a huge fanbase and has gotten plenty of accolades) why he isn't considered in the same breath as greats like Dylan, Beatles, etc. He is incredible.

I don't think there are many examples in the American musical landscape of artists that play it ALL - from blues to rock to country to R&B to folk - they play it all. It's like listening to a channel of mixed genres, except it's one group.

Anyway, that's all - end of rant :) If you have Sirius and haven't listened to the channel you should give it a chance. Really amazing music...

Also - if you're a fan of surf music, they have been playing songs from Mike Campbell's new group...