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05-28-2013, 04:59 PM
A small flame danced around Alia’s fingers, as she reached for a nearby torch. She gently commanded the flame to light the room. She was standing over a wounded soldier.
The Castle’s halls were filled with those lately.

“Time to change your bandages.” She said with a motherly voice.

Surprised, the soldier moaned in pain but gladly sat up. Angels were usually using spells to heal wounds. But Alia was different; she cared about the contact with her people. It’s as if she wanted them to share their pain with her.

As she started to clean the poor man’s wounds, a proud Griffin Lieutenant marched towards Alia.

“You wanted to see me?”
Her mood went from sweet to sour in an instant. With a single glare she commanded him to stand down and get out of these halls. She turned to the wounded soldier and helped him get comfortable in his bed.

“You’ll be fine brave one…” she said with a smile.
Just as soon, fire in the eyes, she turned towards the Lieutenant and walked him outside.

“You wanted to s…”

“I have received words that your troops engaged in battle and were defeated by a group of Blackskull Clan Orcs. Your orders were to investigate strange occurrences and NOT to attack the Orc’s territory.” She said sternly.
“There’s no excuse for this kind of mistake. They are still valuable allies, and to my knowledge, there is no proof that they are our antagonists. We are on the brink of a war we may not understand, and now is not the time” pointing towards the hall “to lose more valuable men.”
“The orders stand. Investigate the incidents in the mountains, leave the Orcs alone, and report back to me. I will not tolerate additional casualties caused by your recklessness.” She said with her voice tinged with sadness.

“I will regroup with you as soon as I can.”


Alia’s healing ability could make Jezziel blush (and who doesn’t want to see an angel blush?) But she’s not all about protection, being able to dish out the punishment with both Light AND Fire spells.

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So when's the release?

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So when's the release?


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wheneverit'sready ofc

btw - Aurelia anyone? Seems like Boros are hitting M&M too :P

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Really, just the lore and no stats?

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Really, just the lore and no stats?