View Full Version : Help! I am missing "gamerprofile.xml" in "mydocuments"->"mygames"->"blooddragon"

05-22-2013, 06:57 AM
Whenever I start the game through uplay the game launches to a black screen and that is all that happens. when I hit task manager to exit out, my resolution is turned down. Once I end blooddragon.exe, my res. goes back to normal. I have had this in the past with Bf2. I was able to fix this by editing the gamerprofile-like .xml files. Mine is missing. I found a fix for Far cry 3 which provided the code but it wont work with this game for obvious reasons. The fix I read about was for missing gamerprofile.xml also so it was exactly what i needed to read except I need the code for Blood dragon. Can someone pleaseee copy and paste the code for me. I really want to play! thank you:cool:

05-22-2013, 10:17 PM
Heyas! Try actually deleting the gamerprofile.xml file and then rebooting Uplay and FC3Blood Dragon up and it should actually be in the file as long as you have entered and played the game before. Also please make sure you are running the client and game as an admin. If you have not please submit a ticket to Support with your dxdiag and msinfo attached. You can find the information to Support can be found in my signature below.