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05-22-2013, 05:19 AM
Here are some things that went missing from AC2 and ACB that would be great if put in AC4.

1. emails: in AC1, 2, and B, emails provided a cool access to info about the modern day assassin/Templar conflict. It helped to create a sense of lore and story into the game, and the emails themselves ranged from normal and boring, to very creepy and awesome, please bring them back.

2. Glyphs. These were some of the best parts of AC2 and ACB. All of the minigames were very creepy and gloomy, (not to mention the creepy music) and helped craft the ancient first civ story. They were so informative and gave a sort of horror sic fi feel to the game that I miss. My favorite parts of the glyph puzzles were the audio files, which tapped into the abstergo files and gave some cool info , like about how abstergo brainwashed people through TV, or how they were involved in an explosion at a Denver airport. Glyphs NEED to come back. They should be given by Erudito.

Both of the previous things would help immensely with the story. I feel that the modern ay story has gotten increasingly less interesting, and could benefit from those things.

3. Emphasis on Eagle Vision:

What the actual hell happened to eagle vision? I remember a time in AC1 and 2 where eagle vision was integral and mandatory in the game, helping to find targets, decipher the codex wall, and much more. I played through the ENTIRE game of AC3 without using eagle vision ONCE!!!!! It used to be important to the gameplay and story, but now it is just a placeholder. It needs to return in a much bigger way.

4. Tomb missions

The reason why the tomb missions in AC2 and ACB were so good was because they weren't just epic battles, explosions, and chases, they were also puzzles, and quiet encounters. For example, in AC2, there was a mission where you just had to climb through a cathedral in Florence, and there was a mission in ACB where you climb through the puzzle ruins of the temple of Nero. Now, it seems that all the missions in AC3 needed to have battles and explosions and the like. All of the captain Kidd naval location missions were awful, because they were brought down by unnecessary combat, explosions, and awful mission constraints. I miss the time when platforming missions were about the climbing, puzzle solving, and mysteries. These essentials were*
Present *in all of the AC2 tomb missions, and in most of the brotherhood ones. They gave a nice distraction from the usual battle and chaos of the fights that happened in the main game, and also encouraged a sort of stealth. A perfect example of a blend of combat, stealth, puzzles And exploration in a platforming mission was the mission in AC2 where you had to find Medici in his manor overrun by guards. THESE MISSIONS NEED TO RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Good ambient music tracks. The ones for florence and Venice were great because they were neutral sounding and beautiful. The ones in Brotherhood and Revelations were either over the top joyful and loud, or sad and annoying. There was no music at all in AC3. What the hell happened?

6. Parrying.

In AC2, and ACB, there was a lot of parrying and sword clanging in combat. Now, it seems that combat is done by slashing people in the face 4 or 5 times until he falls. Parrying is almost non existent in AC3, and every time I try to parry, I usually end up going into counter mode anyway. Parrying was also a major part of sword fighting in the time period of AC4, and so combat should not only be slashing meat and bone, but also parrying and wearing down the opponent, like it was in AC2. Parrying in AC3 was nonexistent basically, and the only time weapons actually met was during a counter kill. This is NOT how sword fighting works, and it needs to be revamped in AC4.

05-22-2013, 05:28 AM
Not really a "system" but I'd like intense chases to return, fits with being a pirate and all, chase that continues on the land AND the sea until you lose your pursuers(which should not be easy as pie).

05-22-2013, 05:31 AM
All of them. The past couple installments have made me lose interest in the series and the things you mentioned would help immensely in getting me excited for the series again. Though, Ubisoft's infatuation with exclusive content is the major thing I think needs to be fixed for me to really care again.

05-22-2013, 05:39 AM
R1 = jog R1+ X= sprint/climb
Bring that back because using only R1 for all 3 is very dumb and can be a nuisance

05-22-2013, 05:43 AM
1. Admittedly, emails like the ones in AC1 work the best. AC2 I don't really remember there being any (I might be wrong, but there was so little modern day in that one for starters), AC:B I don't remember many interesting ones, and AC3 actually had the cryptic Juno ones which I liked. Considering the little we know of modern day, some AC1 style ones might be possible.

2. I find these could be cool to have back. Just don't make them as annoying as some in ACB got.

3. I'd like AC:R style Eagle Sense to make a comeback. I actually did use that tons more than eagle vision in the rest of the games. I only used eagle vision in AC1-3 when the game required me to, or when looking for missions when playing without UI. Give me eagle sense and mix that with some fun assassinations where I can plan using it, and there's something good going.

4. AC3 actually had the right idea with one of the secret locations, the mansion one. What I'd like is for secret locations to be more platforming focused, though. I have the feeling we might get some pretty interesting ones for this game, considering the location.

5. ACB and ACR actually had amazing (and even better) ambient music than AC2 for the most part, IMO. I liked how ACB started with some despair, dark sounding music under Borgia control and actually got serene and peaceful as you liberated the place. And ACR had some beautiful music tracks that fit Constantinople perfectly, and a great eerie track for Capadoccia. My issue with it is how it's a sequence-based soundtrack rather than just playing all the great tunes it has constantly, but hey. Ambient music does need to return, though. A big part of AC3 felt lacking because of that and sound design which wasn't as good as it could have been.

6. Make it more like AC1 combat. That's all I ask for. AC3 style is fine, though, so long as there's more parrying going on. The Ezio trilogy had some pretty damn weak combat, specially AC2. Man, combat in AC2 was such a downgrade from AC1.

I'd also add that a few things should make a return: Post-assassination chases (needing you to escape the city this time around rather than getting to the bureau within it), stalkers, missions that give you notes and maps for assassination targets, and ziplines (maybe letting you set up a few to plan entrances and escapes).

05-22-2013, 05:46 AM
R1 = jog R1+ X= sprint/climb
Bring that back because using only R1 for all 3 is very dumb and can be a nuisance

I will disagree on this. I found really uncomfortable going back to that system after AC3. Though climbing on stuff while running, that should be pressure sensitive. Or something, just don't go back to that uncomfortable setting. I like my camera controls.
Are the triggers in the PS3 as pressure sensitive as Xbox360 ones, anyway? I'm wondering about that.

05-22-2013, 05:53 AM
The older controls are better when it comes to movement.

05-22-2013, 05:55 AM
Well, my problem was that only having R1 causes you to climb when you actually wanted to just sprint through the streets, and with the amount of chasing in AC3 it became quite annoying for me. With R1 + X, you can sprint and let go of X when things get tight and you don't want to climb then hold X again when things clear up without hardly losing much speed. Think of it like a racing game and letting go of the gas when going through a tight turn. Alas, i understand it probably felt funny going back to it after you got used to AC3, but i think it worked much better.

05-22-2013, 05:57 AM
R1 = jog R1+ X= sprint/climb
Bring that back because using only R1 for all 3 is very dumb and can be a nuisance

if anything do something else but don't bring this back. AC3 had the best free running mechanics. I liked being able to use my thumb for vaulting or using the camera. It was much smoother. Just add more button option maybe to allow him to slide anywhere instead of vaulting.

For the topic, the tombs never went away. They were the captain kidd missions. They were just changed to fit the time period. Not everything has to be like the tombs of italy. AC4 "tombs" will prob be very similar to what we saw in AC3.

I want the fast travel system to change from something besides going underground unless they enhance the underground exploration and make them more like tombs with more activities to do in them. I liked in AC3 that you actually had to work for you fast travels rather than just buy them.

Eagle vision to me is like detective mode in the batman games. It's a cool concept but ultimately it takes away from the beauty of the game if it's used to much. It would be better use as a tagging system like far cry 3 to get a better reading of where your enemies are so you can be more stealthy.

Parrying will prob return to a degree, but connor mostly fought with a knife and tomahawk so his fast movements and many stabs was to fit his character. I like being able to quickly disperse of my enemies rather than sit there and parry everything like in AC2 and AC1. You still could parry anyways in AC3. It would just slow down time

05-22-2013, 05:59 AM
I think they should find a way of making it work without going back to the old style. I prefer the new style as I can keep control over the camera, I can control my movement speed depending on how much pressure I put on the trigger and it doesn't feel uncomfortable. I still use the combination for a few things but it's more limited. Maybe make it so you actually need that combination to start climbing but the rest works like AC3 (Safe freerunning holding only the trigger, "unsafe" frerunning holding both?). Maybe that could work.

05-22-2013, 06:27 AM
As for eagle vision, it should be revamped and tailored specifically for stealth.

Targeting a guard in eagle vision could show you his hearing radius as well as his line of sight. For hearing radius, select a guard and you get a circle around him (like when eavesdropping in AC3) and that tells you where he will be able to hear you if you are moving too noisily. For line of sight, a guard's body could change colour depending on how close to his line of sight you are, or a standard 'cone of vision' display would work.

Going even further, pressing a button while targeting a guard in eagle vision could give you details of each guard's personality type - aggressive, easily spooked, lazy, persistent (won't give up looking for you if detected), distractable, etc -and then you could take that into account when planning stealth strategies. Not going to happen, but it is similar to a feature in Watch Dogs so Ubisoft should be capable of doing it at least.

Also, eagle vision used to show you each guard's AI path - that needs to be brought back too.

05-22-2013, 12:26 PM
I liked the e-mails in ACB since it was new, but in AC3 they were tiresome. It was harder to see which e-mails were new and some of them (especially from Shaun) just contained lengthy historical exposition which would have been better suited for the database. They may return in AC4 in some form since we're a modern-day researcher and all, but if they do, I hope it'll be more along the lines of cryptic Erudito messages.

I would definitely want something like the glyphs to return but again, in a slightly altered form. They already used the same puzzle formula in two games, they should change things up a bit.

The "tombs" in AC3, i.e. the Peg Leg missions were fine IMO. I do agree on the less-emphasis-on-chases-and-action complaint.

Ambient music definitely needs to return.

Eagle Vision is at a point where it's almost completely useless. They need to utilize it better or ditch it completely. Oh, and make it possible to activate it while walking. Why do we need to stand still to use it when it was possible to activate it while walking in AC2/ACB?

05-22-2013, 12:28 PM
All of them, especially Tombs and Eagle Vision. However I don't want the tombs showing me where to go! That is boring as hell Imo, let me figure it out myself. They should also devise alternate routes in tombs to get rid of linear designs

05-22-2013, 02:01 PM
since we are at Abstergo now IMO it would be a good opportunity to introduce Erudito in the Single Player campaign, he could use the Glyphs, Emails, etc, to communicate with us...

05-22-2013, 02:16 PM
Good story telling.

05-22-2013, 03:46 PM
I want all of them to return, they all glyphs and e-mails added a lot of atmosphere and mystery.

05-22-2013, 06:20 PM
Of that list I only believe and expect emails to come back..I want a completely optional hacking experience inside the walls of abstergo enterprises.
I don't want a trophy or anything attached to it..I don't even want to be told it's available..something you have to find on your own...I just want to sneak out and do whatever, find easter eggs, conspiracies and hints to the next AC.
As far as tombs, i believe we will do something similar with treasure...but no wolf people or chasing haha just going through a series of puzzles and platforming.
Glyphs - I think we've seen the end of subject 16
Instead I want some crazy memory mind struggle showing you flashes of "the truth" throughout the game..that are interactive of course.

05-22-2013, 08:06 PM
1. These will certainly return, considering you are an actual employee at Abstergo. I'm pretty sure emails were in AC3, but I never accessed them....

2. Yeah, Glyphs were really neat. They were a nice change of pace, fit the lore even more into history, and showed off some cool art/images.

3. Honestly, I don't give a damn about Eagle vision. I never felt it added anything significant to any game. I'd be fine it if were just to disappear.

4. Tombs were some of my favorite missions. These are certainly what I missed the most. Yeah, I suppose I like the low-key ones better.

5. The ambient music in AC3 and ACR was fantastic...problem was, it stopped playing once you beat the game. This needs to be addressed.

6. I'm not sure what you mean by this. AC combat has always been about countering and/or dominating your opponent. On a fundamental level, this has been unchanging since the first AC game, and as far as I'm concerned, AC3 has the best combat in the series.