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05-22-2013, 12:33 AM
Okay, so I started playing this game yesterday, and I've now cleared my region of all the NPCs and completed most of the quests (need one more level on my main hero, one more level on each of my mines, and a second city to complete them all). And now I'm wondering - what do I do? There's nothing in my region to fight and I can't attack anything in a different region (meaning I can't complete my other quest, to win a battle using magic), and I can only build one building at a time, very slowly.

So what am I supposed to do now? Just wait for the resources to role in until I can get a second city and repeat what I did in this region? I don't really see what else I can do.

05-22-2013, 12:48 AM
Other things you can do:

Sell resources on the auction house to increase your gold faster
As you build up your town, new battles will become available at levels in intervals of 3 up to level 15 (so you could complete your quest in your town)
When you have enough resources you can build a second town (using a hero with an army) and then go through the same things as you did in your first town (with the exception that there are no battles in your new towns). You can continue to build town until you reach your limit (varies by rank level and subscription level).

You can also scout other towns. Click on a hero, then click on an enemy town. The spyglass option will become "active" if you don't have an army with that hero. You can send your hero to scout the enemy's troops (or region or town if your hero has the "Ranger" class). Generally speaking, if your hero has more experience than the enemy has honor points, you have very little chance of being unsuccessful. If the honor the enemy has is much greater than the experience your hero has, your hero can be injured-or worse captured. You get anywhere from 100 to 10,000 experience from scouting depending on the amount of experience gained by the highest level hero in the town if you are successful. The "Ranger" class has skills that can increase the effectiveness/efficiency of your spy (along with allowing the spying of regions and towns) and the legendary career of "Legendary Spy" has bonuses to spying also.