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05-19-2013, 03:58 PM
Hello and welcome to my thread.

I've made a small video review on Blood Dragon with my thoughts on why the game is good and how can it be improved. You can watch it here:


If you don't care to watch it, basically I'm impressed with the game and I liked it. It looks amazing, It sounds amazing and it plays amazing.

The only major complaints I got are:

1) Lack of bossfights. The game has a very excellent way of portraying old school gaming in all new shiny far cry 3 package yet it misses one of the essences of what made oldie games awesome - why were there no over the top giant bosses? It would have added so much to the game! Sloan dies in a cut-scene instead of proving his yapping about becoming a cyber-god and pulling an Agent Smith on our hero. Underwhelming to say the least, all that build up for nothing.

2) Enemy variety. A zombie, 4 types of soldiers and blood dragon. That's not enough! Once again, opportunity was missed to go nuts with some more over the top enemies. Like cyber-ninjas. Or transformers. Or Omega Dragon Riders. Or... <Fill in the blank>

3) Lack of multiplayer. The game oozes old school action and I feel like this is exactly what the gaming world needs right now. In the time when slow walking and teeth-crushing realism dominates the field a game in the best spirits of unreal tournament, doom and quake would have REALLY shaken things up. Blood Dragon had that chance yet once again it wasn't taken. Shame!

Overall I just gotta say that the direction the game took is great and I hope Ubisoft (along with (hopefully) many other devs) develops upon it. We REALLY need more games that focus on over the top speedy explosion-filled fun.

Agree with me? Disagree? Like the video format (this is my first ever video review... Blood Dragon is -THAT-awesome)? Discuss in the thread.

Thanks for your time.