View Full Version : AC3 "Shops Discovered" Bug

05-15-2013, 05:04 AM
This issue has nothing to do with the Monmouth fast travel point! That worked out fine. But I have this weird situation where whenever I'm outside a city or the Frontier, and I open the map to fast travel, the cities I'm outside of always add up the harbors as the "shops unlocked", but when I fast travel to the zone, it ignores the harbors and counts up the regular general stores as the "shops unlocked". Another thing I don't remember from before is the general stores being completely absent from the map, rather than simply greyed out, when you're in another city and you zoom in on a different one. Does everyone's game behave this way? I apologize for the potentially convoluted question.

EDIT: This all happens after my first fast travel. Before then, all cities I'm outside of add up both harbors and stores. I'd like to know if this happens for everyone though.

05-16-2013, 11:18 PM
If possible try fast traveling under a different save game to see if the same problem occurs. Double check the map filter settings and to enable and disable different icons while viewing the map. This is not a known issue but would require further information. Also, please submit a Support ticket with images of the bug and as many details as possible so that it can be looked into. The contact information for Support is in my signature below.