View Full Version : possible screenshots and possible confirmed release month?

Ravens Klaws
05-13-2013, 09:54 PM
ignore the link, its just lies.

05-14-2013, 01:11 AM

Hehe, this is quite old too =P

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about anyway. First, he names M&M 5 and 6 as grid-based games. Also this concerned me when I first read this article a month ago:

The game will be downloadable only but will not be free to play. Initially it will be for the PC, but I can quite easily see the game appearing on console platforms as well as tablets.

Ravens Klaws
05-14-2013, 02:46 AM
yeah, it crossed my mind as well that the article was a bunch of lies, hence why the title was for the screenshots and possible release. but given the looks, im not sure those are screenshots of MMX, given the fact that the player portraits are missing, as well as everything else. they already said that a collectors edition disc is possible(theyd be foolish not to release one). as for not being free to play, that doesn't make sense. its not an mmo, so that term doesn't apply here. supposdly mm5 was a grid based game, mm6 wasnt. it was just following what some other game did in going free roaming. i never check the dates really.