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05-12-2013, 05:27 PM
Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In May 2013 Newsletter

Hello World War 2 & jet aircraft fans –

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* Flying the Boeing B-47 Stratojet NEW! (Restored) This comprehensive training film was produced by the US Air Force to familiarize pilots and aircrew transitioning from prop driven aircraft like the B-29 to the new world of the B-47, the USAF's first jet bomber.
* The 365th Fighter Group "Hell Hawks" Exclusive original documentary from Military Arts Pictures Col. Ray J Stecker leads the men of the 386th, 387th, and 388th Fighter Squadrons into action. Watch extensive color footage of the 365th Thunderbolts in their forward bases in France and Belgium and exciting air-to- air and air-to-ground attacks, including rare gun camera film of the shoot down of a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter!
* German World War 2 Newsreels: JG 26, Rommel, Nachtjäger, Panzers & more. See World War 2 the way it was shown to the German people.(Also available on our World War 2 through Axis Eyes DVD ,)
* Black Cat PBYs What was that mysterious plane swooping down out of the night sky on unsuspecting Japanese ships and bases, hundreds of miles from any known American airstrip? The answer was, as you'll see in this good humored, affectionate film, the slow, ungainly, but deadly "Black Cat" PBY.
* B-58 Hustler 1st Test Flight in resorted color NEW! On Veterans Day, Nov 11th, 1956 Convair's revolutionary delta wing B-58 "Hustler" supersonic bomber took to the skies for the first time, piloted by B. A. Ericson, who flew the first test flight of the company's giant B-36 "Peacemaker" intercontinental bomber.
* Recognition of the Japanese Zero with Ronald Reagan Lieutenant Jimmy Saunders (Ronald Reagan) learns how to tell a US P-40 from a Japanese A6M Zero fighter the hard way.
* Operating Light & Medium Tanks in World War 2 NEW! Restored. Not only does this film cover the basics of operating World War 2 era American tanks, it offers a rare look at two seldom seen early examples, the M-3 Medium "Lee," (British "Grant") and the M-3 Light "Stuart." A Lee was featured in the 1943 Hollywood classic motion picture "Sahara," starring Humphrey Bogart. The Stuart appeared in many episodes of DC Comic's "Jeb Stuart and the Haunted Tank," often in the unlikely role of taking on German Tigers.
* Operating the Browning automatic rifle "The BAR" One of the iconic weapons in the US arsenal. (Also available on our German & American Automatic Weapons DVD ,)
We also show 1940-45 vintage WWII Army & Navy films and pilot's manuals on how to fly the F4U, F6F, P-38, P-39, P-40, P-47, P-51, P-61, TBF/TBM, AT-6/SNJ, B-17, B-24, B-25, A-20, A-26, B-26, B-29, and Stearman N2S. Alert! - don't miss the F-86 & B-58!


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Web Videos: B-47s, JG 26 & Nachtjägers, Hell Hawk P-47s, Hustlers, Tanks, PBYs, Zeros & the BAR