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This is an OLD suggestion I made before my main account was banned. Way before. Before even Assassin's Creed 2, let along Brotherhood. Before we had multiplayer, when every suggestion was shouted down by those of us competent enough to understand that the core mechanics of Assassin's Creed combat couldn't possibly work online (pro-tip: This is why the multiplayer doesn't include swordfights). There was a way to circumvent the problem of lag, and I was one of the people who suggested it. It's still a good idea now.

Look back at the original Assassin's Creed. Look at how combat worked. We had a selection of attacks and defensive options, and there were ways to counter everything. People never appreciated the beautiful simplicity of the original, because the AI was completely incompetent, and one core failure of the AI made a particular function overpowered to the point of being broken. But the mechanics themselves? Solid, and brilliant, and well-balanced.

Why not release - as a standalone downloadable title - an arena battle game? Single-system for consoles, with LAN play on PC, two players, viewing two characters in an arena with a fixed viewpoint. One-on-one combat, short, straightforward battles. They could give a selection of AI from core game difficulty all the way up to actual competence. They could have a single player arena mode where you fight through a series of enemies, starting off with standard fighters, then later going up against enemies who are resistant to certain attacks, or who are faster at countering some actions, while slower than the others. They could even artificially inflate the difficulty by giving enemies longer healthbars on the higher levels, so they don't have to provide anything better than a vaguely-competent AI opponent for us.

There could be cosmetic paid DLC in the form of alternative skins - we could pay a little extra to dress up as Altair, Ezio, or the Prince of Persia. We could pay a little extra to get a backdrop to the arena that looks like ACB's Coliseum, or some other scene from one of our favourite Ubisoft games.


I know a lot of people will probably be thinking what EVERYONE says when they hear this idea:

"dis iz stoopid ider, coz ppl cn block and be invincible, than just counter n u die"

Well, I have a couple of bits of news for you. First off, your spelling and grammar are atrocious, and I think the forum rules are still against txtspeak, so if you still feel you have to try and support this argument in spite of the proper answer in the next paragraph, please try to type in coherent English. I appreciate seeing comments that actually make sense.

Secondly, and this is where I address your actual claim that the combat system is unbalanced, YOU'RE WRONG. There's a HARD COUNTER to enemies sitting around blocking and waiting to counter you. Next time you pick up the original game, get into combat and tap the "legs" button - I think it's A on the XBox controller, or X for PS3, not sure on PC. You'll notice that Altair does a quick step forwards. This "step-in" chains into a GUARD-BREAK ATTACK if you press the attack button during the step-in animation. This attack lets you close in if the opponent is outside your normal reach, and also opens up their defense. The disadvantage is that you have a short period of vulnerability where you can't block. You can also grab an opponent who's blocking your attack, and if they don't get the timing right on switching to a grab-counter instead of the counter for a regular attack, you throw them to the ground, and leave them vulnerable for a moment, or throw them into a wall, causing damage. The grab-counter allows an opponent to reverse your grab, so if you're cornered, grabbing them offers a chance to push them away, but at the risk of taking damage. If the opponent is cornered, then it would be a better option, since you're not directly taking damage if you get countered.

There's also the fact that in Asassin's Creed, most enemies you fight DON'T die instantly when you counter their attack, it takes a couple of successful counters to land a kill, but there's always the "combo kill" where you can chain from a successful regular attack (doesn't work with non-lethal counters) and with a perfectly-timed press of the attack button, you transition to a kill animation on the opponent. If someone's sitting and being defensive, waiting for you to attack, you can bait them with a step-in, making them think you're going for the guard-break, then instead pause, and when they're coming out of the dodge stance, you can land a regular attack before they can resume blocking, then turn that hit into a combo-kill and win. Or, if they don't get ready to dodge, you can actually land the guard-break attack, then follow up with a regular attack while they're off-balance, and chain into a combo-kill from there.

It would be fast-paced, fights would only take a matter of minutes, and it would be a great low-price downloadable game. Almost all the assets needed to make it already exist - and not only exist, but exist in the Anvil engine, and most have been ported to AnvilNext as well.

Seriously, how has this not happened yet?

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More options are great, but a whole standalone release? Not sure I'd be into that.

Besides that, AC's MP is fairly unique, whereas standard deathmatch is in 95% of MP games. Basically, if this is included in AC4, that's fine as long as it doesn't replace the existing MP.

05-09-2013, 03:47 AM
Nah, to make it an action-based fighting/sparring game would detract too much from what makes it Assassin's Creed.
You could always play Soul Calibur or something if such gameplay is what you seek.

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Soul calibur doesn't have competent swordfighting mechanics that feel even remotely like Assassin's Creed combat in any way at all. Fighting games are nothing like the fluid fast-paced weapon combat in AC. Playing Soul Calibur is no different from playing Tekken or any other fighting game. It's not about the weapons at all, and it doesn't feel like the weapons you have even matter as anything but eye candy. Way of the Samurai was a great open-world game where you shaped the story to a great extent. It included a 2-player battle mode that had no real bearing on the core gameplay. There was a good combat system in the game, and sometimes people just wanted to play with it instead of having an in-depth playthrough of the game. In AC games, you can do that, but the combat feels shallow because of horrifically stupid AI that can't properly follow up a guard-break attack. Having the option of better AI or a human opponent would be great.

And this wouldn't work as part of AC4 because that's focused on a new era where guns are prevalent, and the new games have totally different combat mechanics.

It would need to be a standalone, cheap downloadable title, possibly built in the original Anvil engine, and it would NOT SUPPORT ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. The combat system can't work online, that's why they don't have it in the current multiplayer. Single-system on consoles, and either single-system or LAN play on PC. It would be a way to approach a part of the franchise that's only ever been done single-player, and let us share it.

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Nah, to make it an action-based fighting/sparring game would detract too much from what makes it Assassin's Creed.
You could always play Soul Calibur or something if such gameplay is what you seek.

Soul Caliber IV & 5 already give you Altair or Ezio in a full Combat arena game .


It's fun to slash up as an Assassin - But i hope we never see an AC fighting / beat em up as a stand alone title.
All the Assassin's have basically the same fighting technique - would make for a limited line up.

Can't say i'd buy it .

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No interest from me.