View Full Version : Blood dragon needs a patch!

05-07-2013, 10:08 PM
Too many people are having trouble with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, can we please get some type of patch. Game keeps kicking me out and starting at the beginning! :mad:

05-07-2013, 10:27 PM

05-07-2013, 10:38 PM
I'll report this to the team today, and in the meantime you should contact Support (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/) about this. They will want all the details from you so the can either assist you or submit the info for a fix.

I'm very sorry you're unable to play the game. :(

05-07-2013, 10:57 PM
I'm on day SEVEN of not being able to play the game. I have gotten exactly 2 responses from support. The first was a generic autoreply. The second asked me to do something I had already provided SCREENSHOTS of myself doing days before. I am beyond done. It is absolutely unacceptable that this is happening.