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04-30-2013, 03:13 PM
Hey, I was just posting this thread because of some ides I thought would be nice to see in an Assassins creed game.

First off, 2 primary weapons. {example- For those of us who played revelations there was 2 weapons wheels, 1 for the primary and 1 for the secondary. Well I was thinking that instead of having a secondary weapon wheel we could have 2 primary weapons instead. this would take a lot of animation work, but I would love to see this in an Assassins creed game, For true akimbo weaponry. It would make the game better for player choice and that means a lot in an assassins creed game

Next, they should bring back the weapon wheel, Assassins creed 3 used a kind of weapon wheel, But I felt the it was kinda slow, and not as nice looking as other Ac games.

And finely, they should work on improving the frame rate on Consoles, The games always look great, but at a cost, the frame rates are kinda poor on consoles {at least in the city's}
if they could work on improving the frame rate that would be nice.

These are just ideas, I am not Criticizing the AC Franchise, {it is my favorite game franchise BTY} but I just thought I would post my thoughts

Post your thoughts of my ideas, and even some of your own :D thanks for reading

04-30-2013, 04:15 PM
Twin Swords
Twin Pistols .........................any use to you ?