View Full Version : TOKW boss fight discussion

Quirky Jezza
04-29-2013, 07:19 PM
Hey guys,

I really loved the boss fights. Reminded me of the old days (PS1 games, etc) and it was good to see it in an AC game. However... it was well too short and easy! Should have been difficult and more longer. Why did they remove the health bar? Should have included some other enemies which you have to defeat whilst dodging the attacks of the boss (at the end there are some but you can just run away from them :/.

I did the fight in about 1 and a half minutes.. (including the cut scenes inbetween) - so about less than a minute if you take that time out. I hope they make more boss fights in the AC games... but if they do, I hope they are at least a challenge unlike these were! :/

3:08 - 4:42 on the video below shows how easy it is