View Full Version : Killing Washington at the end of The Betrayal

04-26-2013, 04:27 AM
Ok I feel dumb, but I've gotten through all the dlc's and I can't kill him. What gives. I can't figure it out. Can someone please gimme lil help. Thanks. Much appreciated.

04-26-2013, 11:40 PM
There are 3 situations to this one. You need a different animal power for each, so set 3 directions to those options.

The first is where multiple globes rotate in opposite directions around him. For this, activate stealth (wolf), move directly at him (dodging globes as needed), then strike as soon as you are in range. If you are stealthed for more than 10 seconds or so, he will do a slam move that reveals you.

The second is when he surrounds himself with a shield and the globes line up and go in one direction. For this you need to do an eagle attack when the globes are not in your way. You need to time it correctly with his smash as well -- right about the time he makes it seems to work. This one will also repeat.

The last scenario comes right near the end. The game will tell you to use bear form to break the glass. This one is actually the only dangerous part of the sequence -- if he hits you with a blast you can be knocked off the top of the pyramid (and the clones hitting you don't help). That tends to be a problem after the 2nd smash; going stealth to get to the third frame makes getting there much easier.

From there it's mostly just watching movies. and the longest credits list I have ever seen.

04-30-2013, 07:54 PM
Hello Yesterday I bought a season pass to the Assassins creed 3, and when I was playing, in DLC, "The Tyranny of King Washington" Episode 1, in the final mission, after the first checkpoint is nothing I can do: I have lost the ability to kill, run, climb, interact with objects, use eagle vision, I can only walk slowly and hide in shelters. (this mission with dogs). I looked at the passage of Youtube there no one had any such problems. I wanted to ask, how do we fix this bug?

Здравствуйте вчера я купил сезонный пропуск в Assassins Creed 3, и, когда я играл в DLC "Тирания короля Вашингтона" Эпизод 1, в последней миссии, после первого чекпоинта я ничего не могу сделать: я потерял способность убивать, бегать, лазить, взаимодействовать с объектами, использовать орлиное зрение, я могу только идти медленно и прятаться в укрытиях. (это миссия с собаками). Я посмотрел прохождение на Youtube не у кого не было таких проблем. Я хотел спросить, как же мне исправить эту ошибку?

05-05-2013, 09:20 AM
Are you having problem with the bear part? What you need to do in order to go from breaking glass A to breaking glass B as quickly as possible is to alternate your wolf and bear powers. Like use your wolf powers to travel in stealth mode so that Washington doesn't detect you and knock you off. Then switch back to your bear power and bear-smash those glass windows.

If you still need help, I can show you a video of how I did it. Just let me know.