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04-25-2013, 12:27 AM
so I need some tips as to how encyclopedia of the common man is completed, the three left are tailor, doctor and miner. all 2/3. everytime i check back on them the animus says invalid or already recorded that activity. what am i missing? this video didn't help! my miner was hacking at a wall 1/3 then playing with lantern 2/3, the tailor 1/3 i forgot and 2/3 and the doctor playing with balls or so 1/3 i forgot and 2/3 playing with a coat .

04-26-2013, 11:51 PM
Getting those entries can be a real pain. Some of them are only available during certain parts of the year -- the tailor does basically nothing during the winter for example. Some of the entries actually come from the person interacting with someone else, but which one gets it usually doesn't help you. All you can really do is just keep going back (or standing and watching for long periods of time).

The 3rd for the miner that I got was fishing (summer only). The doctor visits patients (the tailor, in the winter only). I think he also harvests herbs. There are supposed to be at least 4 or 5 for each artisan -- the farmer has 9. I know because I didn't get the final entry until I got the 9th one.

04-27-2013, 08:54 PM
Tasks that each person performs ...................
TAILOR - with a client - sewing - taking measurements - trading pelts

DOCTOR - Playing bowls - reading newspaper - picking herbs - with a client - Taking measurements with Tailor.

MINER - filling oil lantern - Mining with pick axe - sifting rocks in river in front of the mine - repairing wooden beam in mine - Sharpening tools at the Blacksmiths.

Easier to scan these people before & after Homestead & main missions as you play through the game rather than waiting until already 100% completed.
(animus hack daytime /summer may help if you've already finished main game) .