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04-23-2013, 09:16 PM
Every game had some sort of Brotherhood...AC I had the Brotherhood in Masyaf, AC II had the Brotherhood scattered all over society mostly the underworld, ACB had the Police, ACR had a gang and AC III had a none existent brotherhood..

For me, the best brotherhood is the one that fit the lore and timeline...the one that made sense in each time period and the one that was best represented..those would be AC I, AC II and AC III.

AC I had the stronghold. this town in the mountains where deadly killers are trained in the art of secrecy and murder. Strength and authority. Masyaf`s brotherhood accurately represented the Assassin presence during the crusades, imo. The works of the order were represented by cells planted throughout the cities known as bureaus. Gathering info and news, these proved as the home of knowledge for an Assassin before he proceeds with his work. Field operations were presented in the form of informers, Dais and Master Assassins.

AC II had the new brotherhood. the one Altair created almost 300 years ago. driving the works of the order underground and away from the eyes of society, the Assassins infiltrated the under world and stood in this war at the hinges of society, which was well presented imo. The Assassins were gone from the world and the chose to take the secrecy of war to the Templars. working as different bodies of operation, the Assassins once again managed retain full knowledge of their surroundings, the Assassins` notorious field operations were mostly carried out by Ezio, Mario and formerly Giovanni..

AC III had the brotherhood exterminated by the Templars. only a trace of the Assassins is left in the shape of Achilles, a chest with hidden blades and a basement with Connor to join that non-existent order. the entirety of the order`s work was initially mostly represented only by Connor and his operation in the colonies, but soon enough his work catches the attention of other people in various standings of society. Doctors, chefs, soldiers, snipers..etc. the Assassins felt once more like a secret brotherhood spread inside society, a nice departure from ACB and ACR`s imo ridiculous renditions.

I didnt put a poll, because I want people to talk...now.....POST YOUR OPINIONS

04-23-2013, 09:40 PM
Tough one because i feel every brotherhood was awesome in their own right and their presence and image was relevant to their time period and setting... but if i was to make a decision i would say i loved the Turkish brotherhood because the Hook blade was just so revolutionary, i mean look how impressed Ezio was ?

04-23-2013, 09:51 PM
Gameplay-wise I like ACB's brotherhood the best, but as a concept AC1 is the winner. It was based on reality and felt a lot more historical and organized. Ever since the Masyaf order disbanded, the brotherhood consisted of ordinary people who weren't trained from birth to be professional killers and loyal to the creed. It felt a lot more like a ragtag bunch of random people which it pretty much was.

04-23-2013, 10:58 PM
My favorite was AC1 and ACB because the role of the Brotherhood was so strong in those games.
I know the Brotherhood's diminished presence in AC2 and AC3 was more realistic and hidden (as they're meant to be) but they didn't feel like a proper order.
ACR's Brotherhood was ok, except for the outfits, waaaaay too bulky.