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04-21-2013, 11:25 PM
- boston brawlers challenge 3, own all weapon's in the stores <------ plural ( I own all weapons from the store closest to the fort in boston)

- The sailor, find "The sailor" in ny and challenge him to a fight.
(from harbor master view I see ny as a fast travel station but when I press X to travel there it does nothing and leaves me at the harbor view.

- discover the location of every fort . [5/7]
(I found 2 in boston, 3 in frontier, 0 in davenport homestead. and cant visit NY but again its on harbor view.)

- find and empty 10 chest in ny
(from horbar view my is there but when I press X to fast travel it does nothing)

- find 24 trinkets for peg leg
(I found [20/24] and there are no trinkets on the maps I can view, frontier, boston, davenport homestead.

- trinkets NY
( I need all three district trinkets)

- south boston items

- central boston items

- encyclopedia of the common man

- NEW YORK UNDERGROUND, fast travel stations found: [1/11]
(from harbor view there one ny fast station that does not allow me to use when I press X to travel there.) the option to use it is there but when I press it it leaves me at harbor view.

NOTE! There are four dotted lines leading away from davenport homestead to completed missions that are not fast travel stations, they are decoration now on harbor view, if you need help ill try and help if I can, just post what you need help with. POST youtube VID links if you know they can help me or explain why I have no missions to do.