View Full Version : AC2 - Advance Jump glitch in Visitazione Tomb?

04-21-2013, 11:09 PM
I have AC2 PC version w/marble mouse (Steam DL). On the timed run in the Visitazione Tomb, the Advance Jump only works 1 in 10-15 tries. I've practiced on the entry walls (same problem), and have spent over 3 hours and maybe a few hundred attempts trying to get past the 1st two jumps. "If" I get the 1st jump, the 2nd is maybe worse - either way the timer runs before I can make progress. Nothing is consistent, it's like I just get lucky. I've read several Forums with folks on XBox, and it's a simple controller move. My mouse works fine on everything in the game, except for one other tomb where you get a weird view angle and need to jump sideways - and I got through that fairly quickly. This one is grinding to the point I'm not interested in the armor anymore, but that ruins the game. I love all the challenges, but this one is near impossible. Some help please before I go shopping for a non-Ubisoft game :(