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04-21-2013, 06:39 PM
Hi Ubi Community! I just have a list of suggestions that I would like to add to the upcoming Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. This list comes from any of the flaws that I felt a little annoyed by in Assassin's Creed 3. Please understand that most of these problems, I realize, are from the new AnvilNext Engine that Ubisoft developed for AC3, and I feel they can only be improved upon for future games. Here goes.

-Frame Rate Issue: In Assassin's Creed 3, the graphics were really up there, but the problem with this (probably more so having a lot of NPC's than graphics) is that there are a ton of FPS issues. Game becomes really choppy, and it ruined some gameplay for me. There were nice moments in the game where it was really smooth!

-Horseback Riding: My lord. The horses in AC3 were terrible to ride on. Many times in the Frontier would I get stuck on such a small object like a branch on a path, and I couldn't move at all. Other than difficulty moving the horses around, they were just like all the other games =)

-Usual Lip-Syncing: Now, this one can only be given an effort, but I just thought I would add it in.

-Materials Phasing Through Solid Matter: Things like Connor's robe phasing right through his Tomahawk or Sword. One I remember is when Ellen from the Homestead made the Homestead flag, and while she was holding it it was in her gut. lol

-Weapon Damage Sounds: I noticed this in all of the AC games, but sometimes when an enemy is hit with a weapon, the weapon sound occurs either way before, or way after the actual hit. It takes away from the realism of the combat.

-Unrealistic Possibility: I was thinking on this one a lot, but what if when a group of guards line up to fire their muskets, instead of having to be near a guard and use him as a meat shield, why not be able to roll in to cover if the opportunity presents itself, or to be able to just evade the bullets when they fire?

-If not the Bow and Arrow, Ropedart?: This one will make me sad =( I know that the only reason Connor had a Bow and Arrow was because of the hunting in his tribe, but could it be possible if Edward could have a Bow be unlocked somehow in the AC4? I loved the Bow and Arrow for its stealth-play, and it was my primary ranged weapon. But now that Edward doesn't have it (as far as I know), what will be his stealth-ranged weapon? Maybe the Ropedart will return?

-The Characters: This one is a lengthy one. I agree with most people when they say that Connor was a dull character, because he hardly ever smiled. I'm hoping Edward will be something of a funny character, because we all already know he'll be a womanizer from the trailer, lol. But I gotta say, I really am gonna miss Connor. Think about it: Connor's ending was really sad and open, and left as a mystery. I really wanna know if he finds something or someone that brings him happiness D= Maybe somewhere in AC4, there could be something related to Connor's REAL ending, although technically he'll never be born yet in this game.

-Running with Unholstered Pistols: This is more of a joke than a suggestion, but I think it would be pretty badass to run around with your pistols in your hands. 'Nuff said XD

Thanks for reading this!

04-21-2013, 07:11 PM
Hi There,

we have a thread dedicated to ideas and suggestions for future titles:


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