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04-17-2013, 01:17 PM
Dear champions,

We are proud to present the interview of a player well known throughout the french community: WingForMarie!


Can you tell us more about yourself: where are you from, what are your hobbies, etc..
Hello! My name is Simon “WingForMarie” Lefort, I’m from Niort (France) and my hobbies are ultimate Frisbee and multi-player games. I’m currently preparing for the entrance exam to a specialized training in order to become a tutor specialized in helping young people suffering from family problems, issues in school etc. I’m also part of the MoMCards team as a streamer.

Where did you hear about Duel of Champions for the first time?
I heard of Duel of Champions in September 2012 through a friend who is fan of trading card games. I thought “why not test it out” as I’m also a fan of TCG games and Magic the Gathering. I really wasn't disappointed from trying it out!

What was your first impression when you discovered the game?
What I found most interesting when I downloaded the game are the great illustrations on the cards and after that, it was the possibility of building very specific and original types of deck.

What element of the game made you a fan?
The main element in the game that made me become a fan was the competitive side of the game and I must say that with Duel of Champions, this is really present throughout the game!

Where you a TCG fan before playing DoC?
Yes, I’ll repeat myself on this: I love TCGs, I’ve played Yu-Gi-Ho on a casual level as well as Magic the Gathering on a more competitive level.
Finding these same unique sensations in this kind of universe on your computer at any time of the day is more than awesome!

What faction do you play?
I play all factions. I’m constantly trying to find a new deck composition that will surprise my opponent in the tournament and enable me to reach the top 10 level there. Recently I’ve been playing Belias, trying to prove than the Inferno faction has it’s place in the competitive part and that it’s not only an easy way to get to 1000 ELO. My favorite faction will always be Inferno even if I’m taking more and more pleasure playing small necropolis decks. And who knows? I may even use one such deck during the Matrix.Disc 2013 pro Invitational…

What is your basic strategy when you’re fighting an opponent in a duel?
Basic strategy? There is no one and only starting off strategy in this game, every duel is different: you must learn to remain versatile and adapt your play style to every match. I would say that there are 3 main factors influencing your basic strategy: the deck you are playing, your opponent’s deck and being (or not) the first player to play. Indeed, not all decks are turned towards the same strategy: some are more “control” and others are more “rush”, and generally, the person going 2nd has an “aggression bonus” and will force the other player to play defensively.

You stream your games on a regular basis. Can you tell us more on why you stream and what this brings to your game experience?
Yes, I do stream quite often, even if I have had a lot of work lately. I wanted to stream after seeing the first streams from Matrix.disc that I was avidly following.
Sharing your gaming experience, giving other players tips and showing good games have motivated me to reveal myself live. Moreover, a stream doesn’t go only one way, we give but also get a lot back in return: tips from the players following you, encouraging words, lots of small jokes and teasing… Streaming is really very convivial and interactive!

Can you give us more details on what cards you use in your deck?
I play many decks but I’m guessing you want me to talk about the deck I used for the Homard Cup. I was playing Kieran during that event, a hero that I started playing very early on with Silvermedusa, another French player, with who we were getting really good scores in the daily tournament during the bad Tower OTK period. Our versions of the Kieran deck are very different: I play it 3/6/0 whereas Silvermedusa plays it 4/4/0. I play 32 creatures, among which the famous Wolf Captain, and 19 spells mostly focused on controlling enemy creatures. Then I go up to 6 magic in order to play Time Jump, an excellent finish card that enables me to kill off an opponent by playing a second turn. Finally, for my event cards, I play Week of Taxes to counter OTK decks and other fortune based decks along with Week of Mercenaries so I can boost the many creature cards in my deck.

Do you have any advice for new players?
Yes I do: start by playing Necropolis and wait to get enough gold for the Ariana deck instead of playing Inferno. Playing Necropolis is more technical and therefor demands more practice than Inferno. It’s less inclined to let you farm but gives your more options to play with and remains very competitive at higher levels.

Any advice for players who want to get better in order to go up the ladder?
There are 2 specific pieces of advice that I followed: don’t give up and play as many decks as possible. Try playing your opponent’s deck so you can understand why it works so well. Knowledge and motivation are power!

Duel of champions is evolving constantly: what changes would you like to see?
Without hesitation I can say that I would like to see more creature cards in use straight from the first turn: I think there is a big balancing problem between the first and second turn players. The 2nd player is clearly advantaged and gains an aggression bonus (as I mentioned previously). Otherwise, maybe Kieran is too strong: he occupies 3 quarters of the top spots in the daily tournaments. He is easy to use, aggressive and very “control” oriented. Today, Kieran can play creatures on the board AND passively (or via spells) control his opponent’s creatures and this straight from the start of the game. I think he should start with 1 Might and not 2 so that he can no longer use spells very early on in the game when he’s already obviously got the advantage as far as creatures go on the board. Finally, why not add some creatures with some fun abilities that can be activated with resources!

There! I look forward to see the next faction! See you on the battleground!

04-17-2013, 03:31 PM
".... I play many decks but I’m guessing you want me to talk about the deck I used for the Homard Cup. I was playing Kieran ... "

Deck explained. No need to go into details..

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My face when i realised that his name is from Tool song`s title: