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04-16-2013, 09:22 AM

I continued the main story and there are some quests, where I can't complete the optional missions simply because I don't know how to make the special move.

The first mission is the mission with the enraged Stephane Chapeau, were I have to kill 5 people with covert attacks. (It's called "heimiches Attentat" in the German version, I don't know how it is called in English, but that's NOT an assault from a hiding place.) As it seems I managed to perform it once (in the dark alley the count changed to 1 but with all the other attacks, even if the first one is a "surprise" these attacks don't seem to be valid), but the only thing I can think of how this attack differs from the others is that here nobody saw it. As I have to keep near Stephane I can't leave him to make a few attacks in hidden places and the other groups of soldiers are all widely seen.

The second mission is the Boston Tea Party mission, where one of the optional tasks is to throw opponents into the water. Even when they fall into the water while fighting with me, this is not counted as an enemy in water, so I assume that there is a special move I have to perform, but this move is not described before or in that mission.

Maybe I just missed something in the Animus-Menu, but is there some summary of special moves somehwere available?


04-17-2013, 01:26 AM
Stephane Chapeau - 5 kills / covert attacks against guards distracted by riots = I just made sure i was in blend groups or mixed with Rioting Civillians when attacking -
Then i made hidden blade kills while guards were heading for Civillians but before they attacked any civillians.
I managed 1 or 2 qualifying kills with each group of guards near riot groups.

You can't go very far from Stephan - But you can go ahead of him within range to get a few guards before Stephan alerts too many .

Boston Tea party = Counter + Throw enemies into the water ...............I Grabbed / threw enemies while standing on the boarding planks .

Hope some of that helps.

04-17-2013, 03:03 PM
Boston Tea party = Counter + Throw enemies into the water ...............I Grabbed / threw enemies while standing on the boarding planks .

Exact this is the question: HOW do you grab one? The only occurrence that the game told me how to grab an enemy was when using him as a human shield, but even then I could only drop him after he was shot by his comrades). Also, when I countered attacks so far, I didn't see any text on the screen like "Q grab enemy" or "RightClick throw enemy" With E I can counter and then either attack with left-click or disarm the enemy with the space bar.