View Full Version : ACII - View Bug in Torre Grossa's Secret

04-16-2013, 04:12 AM
I'm in the wine cellar, and attempting to negotiate my way up to the 2nd floor. When I get to the raised platform in the corner (with white towel/rag), my view becomes limited to about 30-degrees. I can direct movement with WASD, but viewpoint always points to the corner area in 3rd person view. Whenever I attempt to leap to the overhead pole, I crash into the wall. I tried climbing up the grates on the opposite wall of the ledge you need to move into the chamber with the lift, but the view is again limited to a small angle, and any type of leap crashes you into the wall and nowhere near the ledge. I tried adjusting 1st/3rd person views, but everything I've tried makes no difference. I've attempt the leap several hundred times now, and am about to delete the game. This happened one other time in another tomb, but I was able to get enough view and control to make the leap I needed.

Anyone else have this problem or know of a control fix? I'm at my wits end...

04-16-2013, 09:47 AM
I just replayed the level. If what you're talking about is at the first room, there is a simple way: move you're view angle so that you're seeing Ezio directly from the right, then run ahead by using the MOVE LEFT key (on PC the D) and jump.

The game has a few other spots where you also have to switch your mind around, as you can't use Ezio's view angle, so it's better to learn it early.

04-16-2013, 05:03 PM
I'll give it a try - the left move is an (A) for PC - I'll try both ways if one doesn't work! I was stationed in Darmstadt waaay back in 1967 while in the Army and loved it there. Danke schoen! My only other German is how to order a beer, and where is the bathroom... ;)

04-17-2013, 03:07 PM
Sorry, I meant MOVE RIGHT. As you're watching him from his right side, going to the right side of the screen is moving him forward.