View Full Version : FC3 Gameplay suggestions and issues

04-13-2013, 07:56 PM
MESSAGE FOR UBISOFT: Maybe fix some problems with the original far cry 3 before releasing more stuff. For instance:when your doing the knife-throwing competition the cross-hair is white, which is the same colour as the target your throwing at. This means its nearly impossible to see where the cross-hair is at any given time when you're trying to throw the knife. I don't know why you made it this colour in the first place, maybe change it to red. The problem I have with the story is that when Jason Brody gets shot by Vaas in the chest and then is thrown onto the pile of bodies, you find he was saved because the bullet hit his lighter. Jason is wearing a blue t-shirt with no pockets on it...how was the lighter anywhere near his chest...it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It's probably too late to change this, but I thought it was a really dumb move on your part. ALSO, whenever you go hunting, most of the time its going to be from a distance, such as with a sniper rifle when hunting deer. Most of the geography of the island is pretty grassy and sometimes the grass can be fairly tall. After you kill an animal from far away and then try to find it it can be nearly impossible through all the vegetation even if the animal's coat is flashing very faintly, as you have it. Please put in a marker that appears on your HUD where any dead animals are, as well as enemies you have killed. Red dead redemption has this and its a life saver. I don't know why you haven't implemented this. It would be so easy and help a lot of people The more I play this game the more problems I find with it and realize that Ubisoft has started to release their games before they can refine them. This or your team of developers are really stupid because all the problems are common sense. Figure your **** out and you won't have to hear from people like me.