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04-15-2013, 03:31 PM
a few days ago, i posted a thread on how they should do an assassin's creed of samurais and ninjas. Ninjas being assassins, and samurais being templars. well, i have another. i think they should do a civil rights one. i mean you have the historic people and features. you could meet JFK and Martin luther king jr, and they'd give you your missions, and later you could have a mission to stop the assassinations of the president, MLK, jr., and other leading civil rights activists. of course the assasinations of Jfk and MLK jr, would be enivitable, but then it could turn into a revenge story and he swears to never fail again. if this story is a possibility, they should call the Templars freemasons, not because they are alike, but because one of the origin stories of freemasonry was that the were escaped templars fleeing from percerution, and have the assassin's as the black panthers or something of the like. the change in time would give you a large difference in weapons choices, turn the mainly melee world you play in as an integrated format of both melee and range attacks all at your own descretion. you'd have a choice of vehicles instead of horses alone, such as a car, motorcylce, or airplane. if the story is odd and there are no african americans in the blood line, then he doesn't have to be, just someone who shares the views of the black panthers, because the black panthers don't nessasarily have to be assassins. the could just be people wanting true freedom such as the colonies in AC4. if you like my idea, spread the word of it, and tell me what could be added or taken away, for i know i can complicate thing to a dangerous level, and make things so easy that a piece of cake seems extremely difficult.

04-15-2013, 03:55 PM
Facepalm. There are so many more interesting areas and time periods to visit. Besides, it's a lot more interesting if there are Assassins and Templars on both sides of the real world conflict.

04-16-2013, 02:34 AM
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