View Full Version : Dead Chest Island - how to complete all optional objectives?

04-14-2013, 06:56 PM

I've done this mission about ten to fifteen times, and I don't have problems with keeping within reach of 40 meters (or are these 40 feet) and don't have a problem with the three running attacks, but the last objective (getting the plunderer before he reaches the cave) seems just to difficult. I tried running, but the extra power sprint that Ezio could do, is no longer available for Connor. Then I tried to kill him with the gun, but Conner doesn't even try to draw it (the same with the sling arrow). Then I thought, maybe I could use an airborne assault (or however "Luftattentat" is called in the English version) while sliding down the ship planks, but I don't even get him into my focus before connor lands on the floor and has to regain his standing to follow that plunderer.

I guess there is a simple trick I just can't identify to finish this level with 100%, but it I also admit that I need help to succeed.


Edit: Just for the logs: I did it! I managed to kill him in time, and it was the "get him into the focus while sliding down" attempt that didn't work for me the first few times. There's less than a second to react so I think this time I was just lucky that he ran into my focus and so I could jump-kill him.

04-17-2013, 02:44 AM
Great to hear it worked! Just for the record, the move you mean is called Air Assassination in English. And also, the sprint should already be incorporated in Connor's running. I'm not quite sure how to access it on the PC, but on the Xbox he starts sprinting when the R-trigger (used to run) is fully pressed.

04-17-2013, 02:32 PM
Running is like in the other games of this series the right mouse button, but other than in the prequels, there is no extra button for sprinting. OK if you say Connor is always sprinting, then UbiSoft removed the normal running, but this was a very important feature I used often in the other games when it came to pursuing others and grabbing them (e.g. thieves) or killing them (e.g. when one of the group tried to run away) when the opponent was "only" running. This is much harder in this game if everyone is sprinting.

And riding has three different speeds, that's why I was a bit puzzled why this isn't available for running also.