View Full Version : Kelthor Aggro

04-14-2013, 06:52 PM

My latest Kelthor deck, product of a long line of experimentations :) I have settled down on low level fortunes and 40 units as it fits my playtyle the most. Fast deployment for earlygame pressure and enough units to keep you going if the game drags on. Cosmics mostly serve as a failsafe against OTK but they are generally handy in long games. The deck is sadly missing bridge and surprise attack but I find that sacrifice and hut work better here. More synergy, cheaper and faster to deploy.

Reason I chose goblin hunters over their blacksckull cousins is that they are more reliable overall. The latter may have more damage and are good enrage fodder but if they go down your momentum can suffer. If you lack DA then maulers can work fine as a substitute. They may not like like much but deploy a warchanter or two and they can get terrifying :)