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04-14-2013, 06:38 PM

I can just hope that this quest is called so in the English version; in the German version its called "Enzyklopedie des einfachen Mannes" and the quest description says I should interview the citizens of the Davenport settlement and write down everything to complete this encyclopedia.

But how?

I can see the people on my map as squares with a name abbrevietaion, but I can't interact with them, and even if there are some I can talk to (indicated by the speaker symbol) the quest is still at 0%.

It could be that I missed someting at the quest description. When Achilles gave that quest to me, I think I have read something about the F key, but whenever I try to use the F key near one of the citizens the game says that this is a wrong target for analyzing hints.

BTW: Hasn't there been a German forum also, when I played AC II? What happened to this, and if it still exists why does the Ubisoft Game Loader direct me to the English forum?


04-14-2013, 06:57 PM
'Interview' is the wrong word; 'observe' would be better. You have to watch the Homesteaders performing certain actions, such as Lance making a chair, or Terry chopping wood and then press the F key.