View Full Version : Shaar OTK iterated, ~1480 record

04-14-2013, 09:42 AM

Played it a lot, reached 1487 or so. At the moment thouugh, meta isn't favorable for this deck (everyone running cosmic, and many play inferno).

On dropped cards:
- Had 4 stone of enlightement initially, dropped em for wastelands and bridges.
- Had 3 observatories, ended up with 1. Observatory often used to get Finale, sometimes 3rd Hut. 1 is perfect number for 2 cyclops - you need cyclops and finale together anyway.
- Tried austerities, but good player will just play increasingly expensive creatures losing 1 health a turn - which won't help you at all. So knowledge > austerires here, IMO.
- Earthquake is too weak

On key cards:
- Shield and Altar are your key cards in early game
- wastelands allow to keep field clear after armageddon, double swarm, crystal+swarm, or even after bridge(s). Plus wastelands turn mirror into favorable matchup
- bridges and pao give you alternative victory condition + way to remove stone shields. And you can activate hero's ability thanx to Pao sometimes
- Arenas are your primary way to remove shieds / additional damamge / card draw in hour of need

What can be improved:
- Tower & Throne - don't have them, may be good additions
- Sky Wrath, Fog and Cyclone are the weakest spells here IMO. Would try 2nd Sand storm if I had it.