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04-10-2013, 02:40 PM
Hi guys, I downloaded this game last Friday and have really enjoyed it. I have a friend who has the game and he gave me some good advice on how to spend the campaign funds you receive so I think I have some OK cards here. This is my first attempt at a deck, I started Necro and bought a hero pack and got Nergal. So I'd like to use him. My deck is below and thoughts and questions about it are at the bottom. Thanks.

Hero - Nergal

Events (8)
(1) Week of Taxes
(2) Week of Knowledge
(4) Week of Weaponsmith
(1) Month of Dancing Flames

Creatures (48)
(2) Skeleton Spearman
(4) Wretched Ghoul
(4) Lingering Ghost
(4) Plagued Skeleton
(4) Wild Griffin
(3) Sea Elf Archer
(4) Lamasu
(3) Vampire Knight
(2) Ravenous Ghoul
(4) Plague Zombie
(4) Fate Spinner
(2) Archilich
(1) Angry Wyvrrn
(3) Putrid Lamasu

Spells (2)
(2) Dispel Magic

I usually just go up to 5 might then drop a lot of poison counters.


Spells: I don't have many I think are good for my deck. I was thinking possibly Earthquake which I have 2 of, otherwise I have stuff like Rock Wall, Slow, and Teleport. Everything else is 3 magic (Stone Shield?) and up and I think that would ruin how I use Nergals poison counters.

Fortunes: I don't play any. I was thinking about No Rest For the Wicked since when I lose it's because some spells take out my bigger creatures and I lose lanes. Also, I never have any cards in my hand the longer the game goes so I think I would be able to use it. Mass Grave was another thought I had could be useful. Gold Pile and Ambush Shot I have but don't think are worth anything to me,

Events: These are just based off of what I had. I looked at the data base and I'd really like a Mana Storm or more Week of Taxes but I don't have access to them.

Creatures: Playing the best ones I have. Ideally, I'd like to have more of the Putrid Lamasu and Archilich so I could drop the Griffins, Skeleton Spearman or Wyvern.

General Question: I see a lot of good cards in the database, is the best way to get these cards with gold earned in game by buying Reinforcement Packs? I read the New Player Q&A thread and saw one of the boxes could be bought with Seals but I'm all out and wasn't planning on spending $ to buy more at this time.

Any other thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,

04-11-2013, 02:20 AM
I'm not sure what you're looking for here. You seem to know what you need to do to make your deck better, but you don't have the relevant cards so there's not much point in giving feedback.

I would say that skelenton spearman is not worth a card, so I'd remove it in favour of almost literally any other card. Mass grave is actually quite good, I wouldn't mind running a playset of them over some of your weaker cards like spearman, wild griffin/wyvern and ravenous ghoul. You could also consider adding up to a playset of earthquakes for a bit of surprise AOE.

04-12-2013, 03:25 AM
Thanks for the response. I guess the question is: Is this deck going to be competitive while dueling? I've played it quite a bit and got some new cards and I find I have a hard time regaining board control with this Necro deck compared to the red deck I have. Maybe adding in some teleports, my (2) earthquakes or insect swarms would help with that. If I do that I guess I would take out some of my higher might creatures so I could level up my magic.

04-12-2013, 07:40 AM
the competitiveness or otherwise of the deck at lower ELOs isn't something I can really answer I'm afraid. I obviously wouldn't suggest entering a tournament with it until you've managed to round out your card collection a fair bit more, but I think in general terms nergal is pretty good at lower ELO levels. It's a grindy, attrition-based deck though (in general terms). You don't try to win quickly, you grind out value with your difficult to kill creatures and on-demand poison effect (but be mindful of the card disadvantage inherent in using your hero's ability instead of paying 1 to draw a card, or levelling up to be able to cast more of the cards in your hand).

As long as your not going over 5 might, I think it's fine to leave in 5 drops and go up to 2 magic for earthquake. Earthquake is really nice for nergal given how many flyers you want to play. If you want to go up to 3 magic for insect swarm as well then yeah, you wouldn't want to go above 4 might, but you'd want a stronger creature base to do that (playset of lich's and vampires particularly), so you probably don't want to do that.

At lower levels, you can probably forego week of taxes entirely because OTK fortune decks are really only a top level strategy. Given how hungry nergal can be for cards, due to his ability, you might want to play market of shadows. Week of mercenaries or its poor cousin week of dancing flames is also a good choice. I'd stay away from the permanent effect events (Weaponsmith etc), they're not very good.