View Full Version : Assassin's Creed 4 - My suggestions

04-08-2013, 02:10 AM
Most of these suggestions are basically changing it back to the Ezio era, but keeping the good elements in.

These most probably wont be added in AC4, since they started making the game LONG before AC3 came out, and the people at Ubisoft won't have time to go through every new thread.

1. Add the armour system back in. Instead of just having the same armour throughout the whole game, something upgrade-able.

2. Shops. I loved buying shops after burning the borgia towers, I really hope something like this gets re-added.

3. Change the assassin recruit system back. Once again, changing it back to before, Maybe you could invest in your assassin's to buy new gear for them.

4. Back to AC2, *possibly* taking the optional objectives out, since AC4 is meant to be more of Edward choosing his own options, having the optional objectives won't make that much sense.

5. Outfits: I think they should add MORE outfits than ever, I love the outfits and how much fun it is playing around, looking completely different. These are the outfits I think they should add, obviously others will be added, referencing the game itself. A few outfits below reference special armour from past games:

Altair's Robes
Giovanni's Robes
Ezio's Robes
Pilgrimage Robes
Connor's Robes
Armour of Altair
Armour of Brutus
Ishak Pasha Armour

Also, I think it would be good if you could make the outfits come with the face of the person who owned the armour (make it optional, since some people would rather keep it the same)

6. Make the counter-attack button change-able, along with other buttons.

7. Re-introduce the Assassin's HQ, kind of like Achilles' Basement. With picture of the important targets, once you kill them (like in AC2 and Brotherhood). A room for armour, outfits and weapons.

8. CROSSBOWS! At least 2 different types of crossbows, not necessarily with different settings, but a different appearance.