View Full Version : Sid Meier's Pirates VS AC4 Black Flag

04-07-2013, 12:49 PM
Sid Meier's Pirates VS AC4 Black Flag
So, what do Sid Meier's Pirates have that probably NOT AC4 Black flag will have?
I start*
1. Diffrent ships that you can own, sack and upgrade (not just one).
2. Slapstick comedy and humor. (AC is dead serious)
3. Pick the year to start (AC4 is stuck in 1715)
4. Date and/or marry many random Govenors daughters (Kenway probbably stick to one)
5. Sack town ALL over the west indies (Kenway sneaks in towns around cuba)

Feel free to add your thought of new AC4 Black flag and what should be added to beat the best pirate game made so far.
*remember, the game is still worked on and it might be that they add all these fetures later. lets hope so ;)