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04-06-2013, 07:42 PM
I had so much problems starting AC2! DL'ed from steam and after many tickets I finally found out the problem on my own! I was told to change scripts on my c drive when I then told them it was on my k drive anyway. I finally got it running but when almost at the end of the game I decided to Delete, to go to a previous save. Guess what? Theres no previous saves and I just lost my profile or "Story" and now have to start all over :( On PC, you cannot save games on your own!!! So Don't hit the Delete button otherwise you have to start all over! I wish I would have been asked "Are you sure you want to delete ALL save? Then I would have chosen not to. Thx alot Ubisoft for ruining the game for me, and forcing me to start all over, and wont do, theres to many other games out there I'll just stop buying UBISOFT!