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04-06-2013, 12:31 PM
Well Guys it looks like the always online rumors for Xbox 720 could be true !! Adam Orth microsoft creative director was seen arguing on twitter and quoted saying People should just deal with it ? mu question is how will this effect Assassins Creed players and what benefits could this bring to AC players ?

When a user replied some dont have the right internet strength he was seen replying " well if i had i bought a mobile phone in an area that does not work i would take it back !!

So what is this douch implying !! ? if this is the case what about the Assassins Creed fans that use Xbox dont have internet ? i predict a mass exodus to Playstation

here is the convo below


04-06-2013, 12:32 PM
Old and off-topic. We already talked about this in the off-topic thread.

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Old and off-topic. We already talked about this in the off-topic thread.

Apologies so you have already seen this ?

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Yes we've seen this, it's all in the off-topic thread. Like 2 pages back. And might I remind you that this is in no way related to AC so we shouldn't have this as a whole thread?

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You can find it here:

I'm going to lock this now. ;)