View Full Version : What I'm looking for in the next game.

04-04-2013, 07:40 PM
Of course the following is only my opinion. I will happy if some could agree, add, or tell me I am wrong.

Hiring groups for different puroses
The whole hiring feature vanished at AC III - however, they added the features the different groups were offering into the Assassins (Which is something I actually liked), however the Assassins were not available at the Frontier. (Which was at 90% of the game missions), causing them to be really nothing - conclusion: make the assassins be available at most of the locations, specially if this is a main location.

Devolping the character abillities with the story
You could see this in every game, in AC I - while you progres, you would gain health, and new weapons. in AC II you would earn Codex Pages upon finishing a sequence, giving you new weaopns as you progress (Hidden Blade, an other Hidden Blade, Sword, Poision, and Hidden Gun)... and so on at Brotherhood (Hidden Blade, Climbing Gloves, Parachute) and Revelations (Hook Blade). However in AC III it was a single Black Screen and a note "a few months later" - and BAM you know everything, and you have everything.

Variaty of weapons!
An other melee weapon with different animations doesn't count. (*cough*), something that adds into the gameplay, giving you the option to take your target in much more possibilites, each will do something else. (Similar to what the Poision and Hidden Gun were doing).

When we were given the order to be "undetected", it was more like "kill everyone before it counts it detected you" than actually being undetected. - So more buildings that will be useful to finish our targets, and more stealth elements (similar to the grass), maybe dark stealth.

More Pieces of Eden related
This game was something like that - playing Haytham, getting the Key for the Grand Temple, trying to find the Grand Temple. Unsuceeding. Oh no. Moving to Connor, talking to Juno. and then the whole game passes without an other single mention about them trying to get into the Grand Temple or either the imporntace of it.

Mind blowing deaths
I remember how the deaths of people we're driven me crazy about my thoughts, they were really pure. The only pure abd mind-blowing death I saw in AC III was honestly Hickey's, he really had a point, and both of sides are right. Haytham death was fine, it could've been done much better.

More Subject 16
... so as we know, he won't come back. However Erudito looks like a fine replacement. I remember Subject 16 at Brotherhood, with the recordings of Abstergo. It had some amazing WHAT momments.

... I'm playing a video game - not watching a movie, when I play an entire sequence so I could finally kill someone. I will be glad if I would actually do it, my way.