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04-04-2013, 12:45 AM
Okay, this will be lengthy and note that I do not have any programming skills so I don't know if this would be possible or whatnot. These are some ideas I have for a possible direction to develop AC games in.

My first idea is the money issue, I don't like having to make money and spend it, you know as you have your Pounds or Florians in the corner, "you cannot afford this item..." etc. An idea would be to do away with that, when you begin the game, the story tells you that you have money, inherited, earned, stolen, found, whatever. Then you go to a memory start somewhere and you lay that cash down, you buy a property or business. You do a number of missions to make it profitable and it is your base-line for all to come.

You do not need to buy things in shops, and if you do it is charged to your account, but the main idea is similar but different to the Homestead. As you recruit a guild, I like the whole liberation style of 3, each Assassin bring certain skill sets, not just the "Lure", "Ambush" etc, but some can get raw materials, others can engineer products out of those materials. This would be how you get supplies, they make it for you, one guy can make bullets, another knives, etc.

In the game you can go on "Tomb Raids" (I would really like these to come back into the game improved, as with the seals and Templar lairs from the past games, challenging climbs, riddles and other such skills tested) In these "Tomb Raids" you can find or steal blueprints for special weapons, maybe Almanac style inventions by some genius of the era, or perhaps Codex style pages of genius' from the past or people who have studied a POE and learned tech from it, not just weapons but tools, but things only you need for your work, key weapons and tools or choice weapons and tools. Or the "Tomb Raids" may be to get information on the location of things you may need, or people you can meet who can do business with you and your company.

Some resources will be easy and only need one or two of your recruits to make, others will be more complex and require the skills of more or all of your recruits. Another thing will be, you have a recruit who will come when called, "Lure/Ambush" style, and replenish any of the ammunition you are running out of.

An idea I have is for more of a tool than a weapon. You remember the zip-line from Revelations, I was thinking of a thing that shoots a cable out and works for both a zip-line style move and has a winch mechanism that works like when you do the counter-weight elevator move to propel you onto a roof. The difference being that you can use these anywhere at any time for any reason or tactic, not just relying on things being set into the environment in certain places. This will be one of those tools that you have to work to attain and it will be a consumable product also.

I really do not have many ideas on story for the game, this is just some ideas on the supply and economic set up of the game. You make your own weapons and tools, with the help of those you recruit and the skills they bring. Money is gone, of course money will exist technically but it will no longer need to be made and consumed. Return of decent "Tomb Raids" and challenging climbs.

That is about it, feel free to comment, question, criticize or add if you like, if I come up with more ideas I'll post on this.